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Chevy Blazer

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D & R Classic Automotive Camaro Catalog : Air Cleaner Order CD   Download   PDF Index   Order Form

Please choose from the following parts:
Part # Name Price*
M00258-GR Accelerator Return Spring, High Perf $ 7.95/Each Quick-Add
M00258 Accelerator Return Spring, V-8 $ 5.95/Each Quick-Add
U00011-B Air cleaner 70 Z/28 w/ black lid $ 165.00/ea Quick-Add
U00040-C Air Cleaner Assembly, Cross-Ram 67-68 $ 499.00/Each Quick-Add
U00040 Air Cleaner Assembly, Cross-Ram 69 $ 499.00/Set Quick-Add
U00040-B Air Cleaner, Base and Lid Only, Cross-Ram 67-68 $ 499.00/Set Quick-Add
U00040-A Air Cleaner, Base and Lid Only, Cross-Ram 69 $ 469.00/Each Quick-Add
U00040-9B Air Cleaner Base, Wide, Cross-Ram 69 $ 469.00/Each Quick-Add
U00012 Air Cleaner, Black Lid, 14-1/4 inch $ 25.00/Each Quick-Add
U00035 Air Cleaner Changeover Kit, 302, Cowl Induction $ 369.95/Kit Quick-Add
U00036 Air Cleaner Changeover Kit, 350, Cowl Induction $ 369.95/Kit Quick-Add
U00037 Air Cleaner Changeover Kit, BB Cowl Induction $ 349.95/Kit Quick-Add
U00011-67 Air Cleaner, Chrome Lid, 350 67 $ 69.00/Each Quick-Add
U00007-2 Air Cleaner, Chrome Lid, 350 70-72 $ 69.00/Each Quick-Add
U00007 Air Cleaner, Chrome Lid, Repro 14-1/4 inch $ 38.00/Each Quick-Add
U00002 Air Cleaner, Cowl Induction $ 139.95/Each Quick-Add
U00002-A Air Cleaner, Cowl Induction 67-69 $ 169.95/Each Quick-Add
U00066 Air cleaner dual snorkel BB 70-2 $ 399.99/ea Quick-Add
U00003 Air Cleaner Element $ 12.95/Each Quick-Add
U00042 Air Cleaner Element, Cross-Ram $ 35.00/Each Quick-Add
U00042-69 Air Cleaner Element, Cross-Ram, Tall style $ 149.00/Each Quick-Add
UKN Air Cleaner Element K&N 67-97 $ 44.95/Each Quick-Add
U00003-O Air Cleaner Element, Square Mesh $ 69.95/Each Quick-Add
U00041 Air Cleaner Foam Seal, Cross-Ram $ 59.95/ Quick-Add
U00008 Air Cleaner Kit, 302, Cowl Induction $ 214.95/Kit Quick-Add
U00009 Air Cleaner Kit, 350, Cowl Induction $ 214.95/Kit Quick-Add
U00010 Air Cleaner Kit, 396-427, Cowl Induction $ 209.95/Kit Quick-Add
U00040-L Air Cleaner Lid, Cross-Ram $ 499.00/Each Quick-Add
U00004 Air Cleaner, Open Element, Complete 67-73 $ 89.95/Set Quick-Add
U00034 Air Cleaner Stud, Holley (short), or Cross-Ram $ 7.50/Each Quick-Add
U00034-L Air Cleaner Stud, Holly, long $ 7.50/Each Quick-Add
T00070 Air Cleaner Wing Nut $ 3.95/Each Quick-Add
T00070-B Air Cleaner Wing Nut, Black $ 3.95/Each Quick-Add
U00011 Air Cleaner, Z-28, Dual Snorkel 70 $ 175.00/Each Quick-Add
Z00122 Air Heat Tube, SB, Lower Stove 67-81 $ 29.99/Each Quick-Add
Z00121 Air Heat Tube, SB, Upper Stove 69-76 $ 8.99/Each Quick-Add
U00019 Cowl Induction Functional Kit Camaro 67-69 $ 194.95/Kit Quick-Add
U00014 Cowl Induction Grommet $ 9.50/Each Quick-Add
U00028-S Cowl Induction Hood Screen 67-69 $ 24.95/Each Quick-Add
U00020 Cowl Induction Relay $ 27.95/Each Quick-Add
U00022 Cowl Induction Solenoid $ 49.95/Each Quick-Add
U00023 Cowl Induction Solenoid Switch $ 18.50/Each Quick-Add
U00026 Cowl Induction Throttle Arm $ 19.95/Each Quick-Add
U00027 Cowl Induction Throttle Arm Retaining Clip $ 3.49/Each Quick-Add
U00028 Cowl Induction Valve Flapper $ 14.95/Each Quick-Add
U00029 Cowl Induction Valve Frame $ 34.38/Each Quick-Add
U00031 Cowl Induction Valve Frame Retainer $ 3.95/Set Quick-Add
U00030 Cowl Induction Valve Frame Seal $ 2.20/Each Quick-Add
U00015 Cowl Induction Wiring $ 39.95/Each Quick-Add
U00064 Cowl Plenum Air Cleaner 68 Z28 $ 2800.00/ea Quick-Add
U00049 Cross-Ram Alternator Bracket $ 55.00/Each Quick-Add
UXRAM Cross-Ram Assembly w/throttle cable $ 6195.00/Kit Quick-Add
UXRAM-CAM Cross-Ram Cam and Lifter kit $ 219.95/Each Quick-Add
U00059 Cross ram carb studs oval a/c base $ 23.95/pr Quick-Add
U00045 Cross-Ram Carburetor Linkage, with HEIM Ends $ 89.00/Set Quick-Add
U00046-A Cross-Ram Fuel Line kit w/Y-Block, OE $ 169.00/Set Quick-Add
U00046 Cross-Ram Fuel Line kit w/Y-Block, stainless $ 189.00/Each Quick-Add
U00038-ROD Cross-Ram Hood Prop Rod $ 45.00/Each Quick-Add
U00053 Cross-Ram Manifold Gasket $ 54.95/Each Quick-Add
B00382 Cross-Ram Manual 2 x 4 $ 19.95/Each Quick-Add
U00061 Cross ram oil line elbow & fitting 69 $ 12.95/st Quick-Add
U00039 Cross-Ram Throttle Cable $ 195.00/Each Quick-Add
U00043 Cross-Ram Throttle Cable Mounting Bracket $ 89.95/Each Quick-Add
U00050-REPRO Cross-Ram Throttle Pedal Assembly, Repro $ 59.95/Each Quick-Add
U00048 Cross-Ram Throttle Return Spring Bracket $ 19.00/Each Quick-Add
U00033 Flame Arrestor Screen 67-72 $ 8.39/Each Quick-Add
U00016 Flange Seal, Cowl Induction $ 24.95/Each Quick-Add
U00017 Flange Unit, Cowl Induction $ 26.45/Each Quick-Add
XNB115 Hat, Z/28, Black w/Red/Black $ 14.95/Each Quick-Add
UNK-R K & N Filter Recharger Kit $ 19.95/Kit Quick-Add
U00024 Spacer Ring, 302, Z-28, Cowl Induction $ 29.00/Each Quick-Add
U00025 Spacer Ring, 350 Cowl Induction $ 29.00/Each Quick-Add
XGB911-L Tee-Shirt, DETROIT POWER 67 Z/28, Grey, Large $ 18.95/Each Quick-Add
XGB911-XL Tee-Shirt, DETROIT POWER 67 Z/28, Grey, X-Large $ 18.95/Each Quick-Add
XGB910-L Tee-Shirt, THROW BACK CAMARO, Grey, Large $ 18.95/Each Quick-Add
XGB910-XL Tee-Shirt, THROW BACK CAMARO, Grey, X-Large $ 18.95/Each Quick-Add
U00018 Valve Frame Screws (set of 6) $ 2.00/Set Quick-Add
U00050-ARM X-RAM Gas Pedal Arm (lever) $ 49.95/Each Quick-Add
U00065 Xram intake vacuum fitting $ 37.95/ea Quick-Add
U00056 Xram PCV fitting set 68-9 3 pieces $ 69.95/st Quick-Add
U00055 Xram throttle return spring RED $ 12.95/ea Quick-Add

* While we strive to keep the prices in this web catalog current, the price quoted here is subject to change without notice.

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