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Chevy Blazer

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Part # Name Price*
T00543 Bolt and Nuts, Carburetor, Rochester 4V $ 6.95/Set Quick-Add
Z00003-68 Chambered Exhaust, BB, Aluminized 67-68 $ 499.00/Set Quick-Add
Z00003 Chambered Exhaust, BB, Aluminized 69 $ 499.00/Set Quick-Add
Z00025-BB Chambered Exhaust, BB, Stainless Steel 67-68 $ 899.99/Set Quick-Add
Z00026-BB Chambered Exhaust, BB, Stainless Steel 69 $ 899.99/Set Quick-Add
Z00001-KIT Chambered Exhaust Hanger Kit, w/ Clamps 67-69 $ 119.00/Kit Quick-Add
Z00002-68 Chambered Exhaust, SB, Aluminized 67-68 $ 499.00/Set Quick-Add
Z00002 Chambered Exhaust, SB, Aluminized 69 $ 499.00/Set Quick-Add
Z00025 Chambered Exhaust, SB, Stainless Steel 67-68 $ 899.99/Set Quick-Add
Z00026 Chambered Exhaust, SB, Stainless Steel 69 $ 899.99/Set Quick-Add
Z00004-C Clamp, 2-1/2 inch, Standard $ 2.69/Each Quick-Add
Z00006 Clamp, 2 inch, Stainless Steel $ 10.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00001-C Clamp---Chambered Exhaust and 67-68 $ 8.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00004 Clamp, Exhaust, Standard, 2-¼ inch $ 2.69/Each Quick-Add
Z00005 Clamp, Exhaust, Standard, 2 inch $ 2.39/Each Quick-Add
Z00129 Clamp Kit, OEM, 2-1/4 inch, 6-pc 67-69 $ 49.95/Set Quick-Add
Z00113 Clamp, Plated 2-inch $ 3.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00001-A Clamp Set 67-69 SB 2 inch OE Style 6-pc $ 49.95/Set Quick-Add
Z00043-BB Diverter valve 69-72 big block GH $ 279.95/ea Quick-Add
Z00092 Donut 2-1/2 inch $ 4.00/Each Quick-Add
Z00091 Donut 2-inch $ 3.00/Each Quick-Add
Z00114 Exhaust Clamp, Plated, 2-¼ inch $ 3.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00115 Exhaust Clamp, Plated 2-½ inch $ 3.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00090 Exhaust Clamp, Stainless 2-1/2 inch $ 10.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00084 Exhaust Hanger, Front, Non-Plated 67-69 $ 10.50/Each Quick-Add
Z00084-PL Exhaust Hanger, Front, Zinc Plated 67-69 $ 18.50/Each Quick-Add
Z00085 Exhaust Hanger, Rear, LH, Non-Plated 69 $ 12.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00123-L Exhaust Hanger, Rear, LH Plated 67-68 $ 18.50/Each Quick-Add
Z100011-L Exhaust Hanger, Rear, LH, Unplated 67-68 $ 14.95/ea Quick-Add
Z00085-P Exhaust Hanger, Rear, LH, Zinc Plated 69 $ 15.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00085-R Exhaust Hanger, Rear, RH, Non-Plated 69 $ 12.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00123 Exhaust Hanger, Rear, RH, Plated 67-68 $ 18.50/Each Quick-Add
Z100011 Exhaust Hanger, Rear, RH, Unplated 67-68 $ 14.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00085-RP Exhaust Hanger, Rear, RH, Zinc Plated 69 $ 15.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00085-REIN Exhaust Hanger Reinforcement Plate, LH 69 $ 12.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00LS1 Exhaust Header Set, LS-1 98-01 $ 1299.00/Set Quick-Add
Z00LT1 Exhaust Header Set, LT-1 93-97 $ 1299.00/Set Quick-Add
Z00109-B Exhaust Installation Kit, BB, Deluxe 67-68 $ 179.95/Kit Quick-Add
Z00079-B Exhaust Installation Kit, BB, Deluxe 69 $ 179.95/Kit Quick-Add
Z00109 Exhaust Installation Kit, SB, Deluxe 67- 68 $ 179.95/Kit Quick-Add
Z00079 Exhaust Installation Kit, SB, Deluxe 69 $ 179.95/Kit Quick-Add
T00003 Exhaust Manifold Bolt Kit, BB $ 24.95/Set Quick-Add
T00006 Exhaust Manifold Bolt Kit, SB $ 18.00/Set Quick-Add
Z00396-A Exhaust Manifolds, BB, Non-Smog 67-70 $ 359.00/Pair Quick-Add
Z00396 Exhaust Manifolds, BB, w/Smog Holes 67-70 $ 339.00/Pair Quick-Add
Z00327-A Exhaust Manifolds, SB, non Smog 65-68 $ 299.99/Pair Quick-Add
Z00350-A Exhaust Manifolds, SB, Non-Smog 69-81 $ 299.99/Pair Quick-Add
Z00302 Exhaust Manifolds, SB, with Smog Holes 69-70 $ 329.00/Pair Quick-Add
T00061 Exhaust Manifold Stud Set, OE 67-72 $ 13.95/Set Quick-Add
Z00022 Exhaust Manifold Stud Set, Stainless $ 22.95/Set Quick-Add
Z00088 Exhaust Sys Alum Exhaust Pipes and Muffler SB 69 $ 299.99/Set Quick-Add
Z00088-Z Exhaust Sys Alum pipes and muffler Z-28 69 $ 299.99/Set Quick-Add
Z00087 Exhaust Sys Alum, Pipes/Muffler, BB 67-68 $ 309.99/Set Quick-Add
Z00087-R Exhaust Sys Alum, Pipes/Muffler/Resonator BB 67-68 $ 399.95/Set Quick-Add
Z00088-R Exhaust Sys Alum, Pipes, Muffler, Resonator, SB 69 $ 389.95/Set Quick-Add
Z00086-R Exhaust Sys Alum, Pipes/Muffler/Resonato, SB 67-68 $ 389.95/Set Quick-Add
Z00086 Exhaust Sys Alum, Pipes/Muffler, SB 67-68 $ 299.99/Set Quick-Add
Z00086-2 Exhaust Sys, Alum Pipes/Muffler, Z-28 67-68 $ 299.00/Set Quick-Add
Z00076 Exhaust System, 67-68, BB, 409 Stainless $ 749.99/Set Quick-Add
Z00075 Exhaust System, 67-68, SB, 409 Stainless $ 749.99/Set Quick-Add
Z00078 Exhaust System, 69, BB, 409 Stainless $ 749.99/Set Quick-Add
Z00077 Exhaust System, 69, SB, 409 Stainless $ 749.99/Set Quick-Add
Z00097 Exhaust System, Aluminized, SB 70-74 $ 315.00/Set Quick-Add
Z00097-Z Exhaust System, Aluminum, Z-28 70-74 $ 329.00/Set Quick-Add
Z00089 Exhaust System, Alum, Pipes/Muffler, BB 69 $ 309.99/Set Quick-Add
Z00098 Exhaust System, Alum Pipes/Muffler, BB 70-74 $ 349.00/Set Quick-Add
Z00089-R Exhaust System, BB, Aluminized, w/Resonators 69 $ 399.95/Set Quick-Add
Z00136 Exhaust System, BB, Stainless Steel 70-74 $ 850.00/Set Quick-Add
Z00135 Exhaust System, SB, Stainless Steel 70-74 $ 850.00/Set Quick-Add
Z00088-TIPS Exhaust System Upgrade Polished Tailpipe Tips 69 $ 169.95/Pair Quick-Add
Z00097-TIPS Exhaust System Upgrade Tailpipe Polished Tip 70-74 $ 179.95/Pair Quick-Add
Z10006 Flange, Exhaust, BB $ 8.95/Each Quick-Add
Z10007 Flange, Exhaust, SB $ 7.99/Each Quick-Add
Z00070 French Lock Set, BB, Stainless 66-80 $ 19.95/Set Quick-Add
Z00035 French Lock Set ,SB, Stainless 66-80 $ 16.00/Set Quick-Add
Z00008 Hanger Kit, Dual Exhaust, Plated 67-68 $ 64.95/Kit Quick-Add
Z00009 Hanger Kit, Dual Exhaust, Plated 69 $ 64.95/Kit Quick-Add
Z00008-C Hanger Kit, Dual Exhaust, Plated w/Clamps 67-68 $ 102.95/Kit Quick-Add
Z00009-C Hanger Kit, Dual Exhaust, Plated, w/Clamps 69 $ 102.95/Kit Quick-Add
Z00029 Hanger Kit, Dual Exhaust, w/clamps 69 $ 74.95/Kit Quick-Add
Z00057-9 Hanger Kit, Single Exhaust, 6-cyl, w/clamps 69 $ 39.95/Kit Quick-Add
Z00014 Heat Riser, BB 67-72 $ 54.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00014-D Heat riser delete big block 67-72 $ 36.95/ea Quick-Add
Z00015-D Heat riser delete small block 67-75 $ 36.95/ea Quick-Add
Z00014-G Heat Riser Gasket, BB 67-72 $ 3.50/Each Quick-Add
Z00015-G Heat Riser Gasket, SB 67-75 $ 2.89/Each Quick-Add
Z00015 Heat Riser, SB 67-75 $ 49.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00128-SB Hooker Header Collectors, 3 inch pair $ 43.99/Pair Quick-Add
Z00128 Hooker Header Collectors, pair $ 43.95/Pair Quick-Add
Z00127 Hooker Headers, BB, Ceramic Coated 67-69 $ 469.99/Pair Quick-Add
Z00132 Hooker Headers, Ceramic, LS1 67-69 $ 639.95/Set Quick-Add
Z00127-SB Hooker Headers, SB, Ceramic Coated 67-69 $ 449.95/Pair Quick-Add
Z00096 Muffler, Dual Exhaust, Aluminized 67-73 $ 85.00/Each Quick-Add
Z00019-S Muffler, Single Exhaust, Stainless 67-73 $ 229.00/Each Quick-Add
Z00019 Muffler,Transverse, Dual Exhaust, Stainless 67-74 $ 229.00/Each Quick-Add
Z00016-ALUM Resonator, Aluminized 67-69 $ 69.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00040 Smog Check Valve $ 39.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00042 Smog Diverter Elbow, Repro 69-up $ 39.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00043 Smog Diverter SB 'GF', repro $ 279.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00043-A Smog Diverter Valve Stamp, "GF" 302 $ 14.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00043-B Smog Diverter Valve Stamp "GH", BB $ 14.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00044 Smog Hose Kit $ 22.50/Kit Quick-Add
Z00044-H Smog Hose, sold by the foot $ 3.50/Foot Quick-Add
Z00108 Smog Kit Complete 68 BB Low Horse $ CALL!/Set Quick-Add
Z00107 Smog Kit Complete, BB High Horse 69-72 $ 995.00/Kit Quick-Add
Z00105 Smog Kit Complete, Low Horse, SB 69-74 $ 995.00/Kit Quick-Add
Z00047 Smog Pump 69-75 $ 199.99/Each Quick-Add
T00517 Smog Pump Bolt Kit ,396 , 15pc 68 $ 12.95/Kit Quick-Add
T00510 Smog Pump Bolt Kit 396 8-pc 67 $ 12.95/Set Quick-Add
T00521 Smog Pump Bolt Kit, 7-pcs 69 $ 13.95/Kit Quick-Add
T00515 Smog Pump Bolt Kit, SB, w/ AC, 7-pc 68 $ 15.99/Each Quick-Add
T00511 Smog Pump Bolt Kit SB w/AC 8-pc 67 $ 18.95/Set Quick-Add
T00516 Smog Pump Bolt Kit, SB, w/o AC, 8-pc 68 $ 20.95/Each Quick-Add
T00512 Smog Pump Bolt Kit SB wo/AC 9-pc 67 $ 18.95/Set Quick-Add
T00513 Smog Pump Brace, LH 302/327 2-pc 67 $ 3.95/Pair Quick-Add
Z00037 Smog Pump Bracket, SB 67-68 $ 100.00/Each Quick-Add
T00519 Smog Pump Diverter Valve Elbow. 396, 5-pc 68 $ 4.95/Each Quick-Add
T00518 Smog Pump Diverter Valve, SB, 4pc 68 $ 3.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00038 Smog Pump Lower Bracket, BB 69-81 $ 38.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00046 Smog Pump Pulley, SB Standard Groove 67 $ 89.00/Each Quick-Add
Z00046-8 Smog Pump Pulley, SB Standard Groove 68 $ 55.00/Each Quick-Add
T00522 Smog Pump Valve and Bracket 69 $ 4.95/Each Quick-Add
T00514 Smog Pump Valve & Bracket, SB 8-pc 68 $ 3.95/Set Quick-Add
T00520 Smog Pump Valve & Bracket, SB, 8-pc 68 $ 3.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00047-F Smog Pump White Fan, repro 68-74 $ 79.00/Each Quick-Add
Z00116 Smog Set Complete, BB High Horse 68 $ 2500.00/Set Quick-Add
Z00106 Smog Set Complete, BB Low Horse 68-72 $ 1195.00/Kit Quick-Add
Z00117 Smog Set Complete SB 68 $ CALL!/Set Quick-Add
Z00118 Smog Set Complete Z-28 68 $ 2000.00/Set Quick-Add
Z00119 Smog Set Complete, Z-28 69-74 $ 995.00/Set Quick-Add
Z00048 Smog Tube Extension SB and BB $ 4.40/Each Quick-Add
Z00049 Smog Tubes, Big Block 67-68 $ CALL!/Pair Quick-Add
Z00051 Smog Tubes, Big Block, w/o AC 69-74 $ 89.95/Pair Quick-Add
Z00052 Smog Tubes, Small Block 69-73 $ 89.95/Pair Quick-Add
Z00023 Tailpipe, Aluminized, Polished Tip, LH 69 $ 109.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00024 Tailpipe, Aluminized, Polished Tip, RH 69 $ 109.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00104-L Tailpipe, Aluminized Tip, LH 69 $ 39.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00104-H70 Tailpipe, Aluminized Tips, w/Hanger Tabs 70-73 $ 89.95/Pair Quick-Add
Z00095 Tailpipe LH Aluminized 67-68 $ 37.50/Each Quick-Add
Z00080 Tailpipe LH Stainless 67-68 $ 60.00/Each Quick-Add
Z00094 Tailpipe RH Aluminized 67-68 $ 37.50/Each Quick-Add
Z00081 Tailpipe RH Stainless 67-68 $ 60.00/Each Quick-Add
Z00104-P Tailpipes, Aluminized, Polished Tips 69 $ 194.99/Pair Quick-Add
Z00104 Tailpipes, Aluminized Tips 69 $ 75.00/Pair Quick-Add
Z00104-R Tailpipes, Aluminized Tips RH 69 $ 39.95/Each Quick-Add
Z00104-HP70 Tailpipes, Alum, Polished Tips, Hanger Tabs 70-73 $ 219.95/Pair Quick-Add
Z00096-A Thrush Dynomax Muffler Upgrade $ 30.00/Each Quick-Add
Z00096-T Thrush muffler 67-73 $ 114.95/ea Quick-Add

* While we strive to keep the prices in this web catalog current, the price quoted here is subject to change without notice.

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