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Chevy Blazer

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Part # Name Price*
J00080-F Bezel, Rearview Mirror, Remote 70-81 $ 29.95/Each Quick-Add
J00080-D Bezel Remote Mirror Deluxe 68-69 $ 32.99/Each Quick-Add
J00080-C Bezel Remote Mirror STD 68-69 $ 26.95/Each Quick-Add
J00080-E Bezel Retainer Remote Mirror 68-81 $ 9.95/Each Quick-Add
J00057 Bracket, Mirror, Rearview, Interior, Convt 67 $ 39.95/Each Quick-Add
J00059 Bracket, Mirror, Rearview, Interior, Convt 68-69 $ 39.95/Each Quick-Add
J00056 Bracket, Mirror, Rearview, Interior, Coupe 67 $ 39.99/Each Quick-Add
J00058 Bracket, Mirror, Rearview, Interior, Coupe 68-69 $ 39.99/Each Quick-Add
J00176 Bracket, Mounting, Exterior, Chrome 70-81 $ 7.95/Each Quick-Add
J00103 Bracket, Mounting, Exterior Mirror 68-69 $ 3.00/Each Quick-Add
J00054 Bracket, Mounting, Remote Mirror 67 $ 19.95/Each Quick-Add
J00054-89 Bracket, Mounting, Remote Mirror 68-69 $ 16.95/Each Quick-Add
J00022-LG Bullet Mirror Gasket, LH 70-81 $ 3.95/Each Quick-Add
J00022-G Bullet Mirror Gasket, RH 70-81 $ 3.95/Each Quick-Add
J00022-L Bullet Mirror Mounting Kit, LH 70-81 $ 14.95/Each Quick-Add
J00022 Bullet Mirror Mounting Kit, RH 70- 81 $ 14.95/Each Quick-Add
J00020-R Bullet Rearview Mirror, Exterior, Manual, RH 70-up $ 129.95/Each Quick-Add
J00021-R Bullet Rearview Mirror, Remote, LH 70-up $ 154.99/Each Quick-Add
J00121 Clip Set, for Rocker Molding, RS 68 $ 17.50/Set Quick-Add
J00113 Clip Set, Rocker Molding, RS 67 $ 19.95/Set Quick-Add
J00011-70 Door Edge Guard, GM, LH 70-81 $ 19.50/Each Quick-Add
J00012-70P Door Edge Guard, Repro, LH and RH 70-81 $ 15.95/Pair Quick-Add
J00009-R Door Edge Guards LH and RH Pair 67-68 $ 19.95/Pair Quick-Add
J00011-R Door Edge Guards LH and RH Pair 69 $ 19.95/Pair Quick-Add
J00003 Door Handle Buttons (pair) $ 14.95/Pair Quick-Add
J10005 Door Handle, Exterior, LH 73-81 $ 12.95/Each Quick-Add
J10006 Door Handle, Exterior, RH 73-81 $ 12.95/Each Quick-Add
J10005-A Door Handle, Exterior, Wide, LH 70-75 $ 34.95/Each Quick-Add
J10006-A Door Handle, Exterior, Wide, RH 70-75 $ 34.95/Each Quick-Add
P00008 Door Handle Gaskets, w/Lock Cylinder Gaskets $ 4.77/Set Quick-Add
J00007-REPO Door Handle, Outer Pair, with Buttons 67-69 $ 55.00/Set Quick-Add
J00019-B Drip Rail Blowout Clip 67-69 $ 15.99/Set Quick-Add
J20019-B Drip Rail Blowout Clip Set 70-81 $ 16.95/Set Quick-Add
A00108 Drip Rail Connector, Paintable 67-69 $ 14.95/Pair Quick-Add
J00019-R Drip Rail Molding Set 67-69 $ 109.99/Set Quick-Add
J00019 Drip Rail Molding Set , GM 67-69 $ 600.00/Set Quick-Add
J00025-PR Drip Rail Moldings, Pair 70-77 $ 69.95/Pair Quick-Add
A00107-A Drip Rail Support-Long, Rear, LH 67-69 $ 89.95/Each Quick-Add
A00106-A Drip Rail Support-Long, Rear, RH 67-69 $ 89.95/Each Quick-Add
J00104 Gasket, Mounting, Rearview Mirror, Exterior $ 2.00/Each Quick-Add
J00055-67REM Gasket, Remote Exterior Mirror 67 $ 5.95/Each Quick-Add
J00055-REMOTE Gasket, Remote Exterior Mirror 68-69 $ 6.95/Each Quick-Add
J00088 Louvers, Quarter Panel, Rear 69 $ 65.00/Pair Quick-Add
J00088-C Louvers, Quarter Panel, US Made 69 $ 79.95/Pair Quick-Add
J00160-12 Mirror, Inside, Rearview, 12 inch 67-72 $ 55.00/Each Quick-Add
J00174-R Mirror, Rearview, Ext, Chrome, LH/RH 70-81 $ 44.95/Each Quick-Add
J00101 Mirror, Rearview, Exterior, GM 67 $ 319.00/Each Quick-Add
J00141-R Mirror, Rearview, Exterior, GM, RH 68-69 $ 297.00/Each Quick-Add
J00080-B Mirror, Rearview, Exterior, Remote 69 $ 148.95/Each Quick-Add
J00102-R Mirror Rearview, Exterior, Round BowTie 67 $ 34.95/Each Quick-Add
J00105 Mirror, Rearview, Exterior, Screw Mounting Kit $ 1.00/Kit Quick-Add
J00101-R Mirror, Rearview, Exterior, w/o Bowtie 67 $ 34.95/Each Quick-Add
JL0054-R Mirror, Rearview, Ext, New Tooling, LH 68-69 $ 34.95/Each Quick-Add
J00160-70 Mirror, Rearview, Interior, 10 inch 70-81 $ 59.95/Each Quick-Add
J00160-9 Mirror, Rearview, Interior,10 inch Repro 69 $ 49.95/Each Quick-Add
J00160-9A Mirror, Rearview, Interior,10 in w/Guide Stamp 69 $ 54.95/Each Quick-Add
J00160 Mirror, Rearview, Interior, 8 inch Repro 67-68 $ 49.95/Each Quick-Add
J00160-A Mirror, Rearview, Interior, 8 Inch w/GUIDE Stamp $ 59.95/Each Quick-Add
JR0054-R Mirror, Rearview, RH Ext, New Tooling 68-69 $ 34.95/Each Quick-Add
J00080 Mirror, Remote Rearview, Left Exterior 67 $ 169.99/Each Quick-Add
J00080-A Mirror, Remote Rearview, Left, Exterior 68 $ 139.99/Each Quick-Add
J00047 Molding Clip Set, Rear Glass 67-69 $ 8.00/Set Quick-Add
J00047-70 Molding Clip Set, Rear Glass 70-74 $ 8.00/Set Quick-Add
J00047-75 Molding Clip Set, Rear Glass w/o vinyl 75-79 $ 9.95/Set Quick-Add
J00047-C Molding clip, short $ 1.00/ea Quick-Add
J00013 Molding, Corner, Drip Rail, LH 67-69 $ 6.00/Each Quick-Add
J00014 Molding, Corner, Drip Rail,RH 67-69 $ 6.00/Each Quick-Add
J00180-LCLIP Molding, Door Reveal Clip Set 70-81 $ 6.95/Set Quick-Add
J00180-L Molding, Door Reveal, Repro, LH 70-81 $ 59.99/Each Quick-Add
J00180-LR Molding, Door Reveal, Repro, RH 70-81 $ 59.99/Each Quick-Add
J00015-R Molding, Drip Rail, Long, Repro, LH 67-69 $ 44.95/Each Quick-Add
J00016-R Molding, Drip Rail, Long, Repro RH 67-69 $ 44.95/Each Quick-Add
J00017 Molding, Drip Rail Pillar, LH 67-69 $ 15.95/Each Quick-Add
J00018 Molding, Drip Rail Pillar, RH 67-69 $ 15.95/Each Quick-Add
J00025 Molding, Drip Rail, Plastic, LH 70-77 $ 64.95/Each Quick-Add
J00178-R Molding, Fender, Top, Repro, LH 70-81 $ 15.00/Each Quick-Add
J00179 Molding, Fender, Top, RH 70-81 $ 15.00/Each Quick-Add
J00178-A Molding, Hood, Repro 70-81 $ 49.95/Each Quick-Add
J00023-R Molding, Quarter Window, Chrome, Repro, LH $ 34.50/Each Quick-Add
J00024-R Molding, Quarter Window, Chrome, Repro, RH $ 34.50/Each Quick-Add
J00042 Molding, Rear Glass, LH $ 82.95/Each Quick-Add
J00042-R Molding, Rear Glass, Side, LH 67-69 $ 29.95/Each Quick-Add
J00044-R Molding, Rear Glass, Side,, RH 67-69 $ 29.95/Each Quick-Add
J00046 Molding, Rear Glass, Upper, GM 67-69 $ 82.95/Each Quick-Add
J00046-R Molding, Rear Glass, Upper, Repro 67-69 $ 69.95/Each Quick-Add
J00027 Molding, Roof Trim, Vertical 70-81 $ 49.95/Pair Quick-Add
J00180-A Moldings, Door Reveal 68 $ 99.99/Pair Quick-Add
FJ0022 Molding Set, Door Panel, Deluxe, Convt 6-pc 68-69 $ 29.95/Set Quick-Add
FJ0021 Molding Set, Door Panel, Deluxe, Coupe 6-pc 68-69 $ 229.95/Set Quick-Add
FJ00003 Molding Set, Door Panel, Standard, Convt 6-pc 67 $ 169.95/Set Quick-Add
FJ00004 Molding Set, Door Panel, Standard, Coupe 10-pc 68 $ 179.95/Set Quick-Add
FJ00006 Molding Set, Door Panel, Standard, Coupe 4-pc 69 $ 119.95/Set Quick-Add
FJ00002 Molding Set, Door Panel, Standard, Coupe 8-pc 67 $ 189.99/Set Quick-Add
J00178-3 Molding Set, Hood, 3-piece 70-81 $ 79.95/Set Quick-Add
FJ00007 Molding Set, Interior Panel, Convt 4-pc 69 $ 114.95/Set Quick-Add
FJ00005 Molding Set, Interior Panel, Cpe/Convt 8-pc 68 $ 134.95/Set Quick-Add
J00045-OE Molding Set, Rear Glass, OE, 5-pc 67-69 $ 159.95/Set Quick-Add
J00045-70R Molding Set, Rear Glass, Repro, 5-pc 70-74 $ 184.95/Set Quick-Add
J00180-RC Moldings, Rear Quarter Reveal Convertible 68 $ 84.99/Pair Quick-Add
J00180-R Moldings, Rear Quarter Reveal, Coupe 68 $ 84.99/Pair Quick-Add
J00178-5 Moldings Set, Hood and Door, 7-piece 70-81 $ 179.95/Set Quick-Add
J00176-KIT Mounting Kit, for Chrome Mirror, 3-pc 70-81 $ 14.99/Set Quick-Add
J00159-REPRO Pinchweld Molding, Chrome, Convertible 67-69 $ 159.95/Pair Quick-Add
J00023-CL Quarter Chrome Black Install Strip $ 6.99/Each Quick-Add
J00045-75B Rear Glass Molding, 4 piece, Black 75-81 $ 199.95/Each Quick-Add
J00045-75R Rear Glass Molding, 4-piece, Silver 75-81 $ 179.95/Set Quick-Add
J20100 Rear panel molding Type LT 76-77 $ 154.99/ea Quick-Add
J00175 Rearview Mirror Gasket, Chrome 70-81 $ 6.95/Each Quick-Add
J00160-9B Rearview mirror inside 10" Black $ 49.95/ea Quick-Add
J00160-B Rearview mirror inside 8" Black $ 49.95/ea Quick-Add
J00102-T Rearview Mirror, Outside Bowtie 67 $ 34.95/Each Quick-Add
J00106-R Rocker Molding, Better Quality 67-69 $ 39.95/Each Quick-Add
J00172-C Rocker Molding Clip 70-74 $ 3.95/Each Quick-Add
J00121-A Rocker Molding Clip Set 68 RS OE style $ 49.95/set Quick-Add
J00108-L Rocker Molding, Door Piece, RS, LH 67 $ 49.95/Each Quick-Add
J00115 Rocker Molding, Door Piece, RS, LH 68 $ 44.95/Each Quick-Add
J00108 Rocker Molding, Door Piece, RS, RH 67 $ 49.95/Each Quick-Add
J00116 Rocker Molding, Door Piece, RS, RH 68 $ 44.95/Each Quick-Add
J00109 Rocker Molding, Fender Piece, RS, LH 67 $ 24.95/Each Quick-Add
J00117 Rocker Molding, Fender Piece, RS, LH 68 $ 19.95/Each Quick-Add
J00110 Rocker Molding, Fender Piece, RS, RH 67 $ 24.95/Each Quick-Add
J00118 Rocker Molding, Fender Piece, RS, RH 68 $ 19.95/Each Quick-Add
J00172-H Rocker molding hardware kit 70-5STD $ 19.99/ea Quick-Add
J00106-BRKT Rocker Molding Mounting Bracket 67-69 $ 3.50/Each Quick-Add
J00111 Rocker Molding, Quarter Piece, RS, LH 67 $ 25.90/Each Quick-Add
J00119 Rocker Molding, Quarter Piece, RS, LH 68 $ 19.95/Each Quick-Add
J00112 Rocker Molding, Quarter Piece, RS, RH 67 $ 25.90/Each Quick-Add
J00120 Rocker Molding, Quarter Piece, RS, RH 68 $ 19.95/Each Quick-Add
J00172-B Rocker Molding retainer brckt 70-75 $ 16.95/ea Quick-Add
J00173 Rocker Molding, RH or LH 76-81 $ 39.95/Each Quick-Add
J00114 Rocker Molding Set, Rally Sport, 6-piece 68 $ 129.00/Set Quick-Add
J00107 Rocker Molding Set, RS, Repro, 6 -pc 67 $ 129.00/Set Quick-Add
J00172-R Rocker Molding, Standard, LH 70-75 $ 92.95/Each Quick-Add
J00171-R Rocker Molding, Standard, RH 70-75 $ 92.95/Each Quick-Add
J00091-67 Roof rail weatherstrip retainer 67 $ 189.95/ea Quick-Add
J00091 Roofrail Weatherstrip Retainer Channels 6-pc 68-69 $ 194.95/Set Quick-Add
J00091-S Roofrail, with Set of Retainer Screws 67-69 $ 19.95/Set Quick-Add
J20091-S Roofrail, With Set of Retaining Screws 70-81 $ 29.95/Set Quick-Add
T00131-A Screw, Side Mirror to Mounting Bracket $ 0.30/Each Quick-Add
J10060-LH Sill Plate, Repro, Body by Fisher Riveted LH 70-81 $ 24.95/Each Quick-Add
J10060-RH Sill Plate, Repro, Body by Fisher Riveted RH 70-81 $ 24.95/Each Quick-Add
J00060-OE Sill Plate, Riveted, Body by Fisher, OE 67-69 $ 26.95/Each Quick-Add
J00061 Sill Plate Screw Kit $ 2.95/Kit Quick-Add
EMT29T Template, Louver, Quarter Panel 69 $ 12.95/Each Quick-Add
N00001 Vinyl Top, Black 67-81 $ 159.95/Each Quick-Add
N00001-BRN Vinyl Top, Brown 67-81 $ 169.95/Each Quick-Add
N00001-GN Vinyl Top, Dark Green 69 $ 279.95/Each Quick-Add
J00151-A Vinyl Top Moldings, 4-pc 69 $ 144.99/Set Quick-Add
J00150 Vinyl Top Moldings, Repro 67-68 $ 139.99/Set Quick-Add
N00001-WHT Vinyl Top, White 67-81 $ 169.95/Each Quick-Add
J00062-OE Wheel Molding, 4-piece Set OE 67-68 $ 189.00/Set Quick-Add
J00129-OE Wheel Molding, 4-piece Set, RS, OE 68 $ 189.00/Set Quick-Add
J00069-OE Wheel Molding, Fender, OE Quality, LH 69 $ 49.95/Each Quick-Add
J00134-OE Wheel Molding, Fender, OE Quality, RH 69 $ 49.95/Each Quick-Add
J00133 Wheel Molding, Quarter, GM, LH 69 $ 229.00/Each Quick-Add
J00133-OE Wheel Molding, Quarter, OE Quality, LH 69 $ 49.95/Each Quick-Add
J00071-OE Wheel Molding, Quarter, OE Quality, RH 69 $ 49.95/Each Quick-Add
J00065-OE Wheel Molding, Rear Quarter, OE Quality, LH 67-68 $ 49.95/Each Quick-Add
J00067-OE Wheel Molding, Rear Quarter, OE Quality, RH 67-68 $ 49.95/Each Quick-Add
J00130-OE Wheel Molding Set, OE style, 4-pc 69 $ 189.00/Each Quick-Add
T00065 Wheel Opening Molding Screw, Chrome $ 0.35/Each Quick-Add
J00170 Windshield Corner Plastic Molding, GM, LH 71-81 $ 39.95/Each Quick-Add
J00169 Windshield Corner Plastic Molding, GM, RH 71-81 $ 39.95/Each Quick-Add
J00076-R Windshield Mldg Coupe SHOW QUALITY 67-69 $ 149.95/Set Quick-Add
J00079-70 Windshield Molding Clip Set 70-81 $ 8.00/Set Quick-Add
J00145 Windshield Molding Clip Set, Lower 67-69 $ 9.50/Set Quick-Add
J00144 Windshield Molding Clips, Lower, Outer 67-69 $ 7.95/Pair Quick-Add
J00072-REPRO Windshield Molding, Lower, Coupe, LH 67-69 $ 55.00/Each Quick-Add
J00074-REPRO Windshield Molding, Lower, Coupe, RH 67-69 $ 55.00/Each Quick-Add
J00086-R Windshield Molding Set, Convertible, 5-pc 67-69 OE $ 229.00/Set Quick-Add
J00076-R70 Windshield Molding Set, Coupe 70-81 $ 149.95/Set Quick-Add
J00073-REPRO Windshield Molding, Side, Coupe, Repro, LH 67-69 $ 55.00/Each Quick-Add
J00075-REPRO Windshield Molding, Side, Coupe, Repro RH 67-69 $ 55.00/Each Quick-Add
J00167 Windshield Molding, Side, GM, LH 70-81 $ 150.00/Each Quick-Add
J00079 Windshield Trim Clip Set 67-69 $ 9.00/Set Quick-Add
M00320 Windshield-Wiper Arm, Convertible 67-69 $ 29.95/Each Quick-Add
M00319 Windshield-Wiper Arm, Coupe 67-69 $ 21.95/Each Quick-Add
M00044 Windshield-Wiper Blade and Holder $ 13.35/Each Quick-Add

* While we strive to keep the prices in this web catalog current, the price quoted here is subject to change without notice.

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