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D & R Classic Automotive Chevelle Catalog : Molding and Mirror  

Please choose from the following parts:
Part # Name Price*
3J00025 Ant AM-FM 66-68 CHVL $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
3J00025-S Antenna AM/FM 64-65 CHVL *N $ 39.95/set Quick-Add
3J00026 Antenna AM/FM 69 CHVL $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
3J00130 Antenna AM telescopic 64-5 $ 179.95/ea Quick-Add
3J00131 Antenna AM telescopic 66-8 $ 179.95/ea Quick-Add
3J00132 Antenna AM telescopic 69 $ 179.99/ea Quick-Add
3J00128 Bezels headlamp 67 CHVL $ 115.95/pr Quick-Add
3J00122-8 Bezels headlamp 68 Chevelle set/4 $ 249.97/set Quick-Add
3J00122 Bezels, headlamp, set of 4, 70 $ 129.95/ST Quick-Add
3J00075 Clip windshield molding 66-67 $ 10.00/set Quick-Add
3J00007-REPO Door handle pair w/buttons 64-7 $ 55.00/set Quick-Add
3J0001-A Door Handle Set…´68-´69 $ 59.95/EA Quick-Add
3J0001 Door Handle Set…´70-´72 $ 59.95/ea Quick-Add
3J0001-EC Door handle set outside 68-72 El Camino $ 69.95/ea Quick-Add
3J00027 Drip rail complete set 68-69 CHVL $ 89.95/set Quick-Add
3J00028 Drip rail complete set 70-72 CHVL $ 119.95/set Quick-Add
3J00014 Drip rail corner 68-72 LH $ 14.00/ea Quick-Add
3J00013 Drip rail corner 68-72 RH $ 22.00/ea Quick-Add
3J00074 Emblem 66 Super Sport qtr panel $ 39.95/pr Quick-Add
3J00054-REMOTE Gasket 66-67 Chevelle & Nova remote $ 2.00/ea Quick-Add
3J00084-R Grill extension 67 pair $ 89.95/pair Quick-Add
3J00036 Mirror Chrome Remote 70-72 LH $ 129.95/ea Quick-Add
3J0002-R Mirror, Outside Rectangular, LH/RH…´70-´72 $ 24.95/EA Quick-Add
3J0002 Mirror, Outside, Round 64-65 $ 34.95/Each Quick-Add
3J00088-P Molding eyebrow 66 pair $ 69.95/pr Quick-Add
3J00088-65 Molding Eyebrow fender 65 Set of 4 $ 69.95/set Quick-Add
3J00029 Molding frt crnr bed 68-72 El Camno $ 118.95/pr Quick-Add
3J00008-R Molding hood rear edge 70-72SSrepro $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
3J00013-B Moldings drip rail 66-67 long $ 85.00/pr Quick-Add
3J00009 Moldings drip rail 68-69 6pc $ 99.00/set Quick-Add
3J00012 Moldings grill 2pc kit 72 top/btm $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
3J00021 Molding window set 64-7 rr ELCMNO $ 139.95/set Quick-Add
3J00126-NL Qtr window chrome 68-72 LH no sash $ 34.00/ea Quick-Add
3J00127-NL Qtr Window Chrome RH, no sash…´68-´72 $ 34.00/EA Quick-Add
3J00126-A Quarter window chrome 66-7 LH repro $ 34.00/ea Quick-Add
3J00127-A Quarter window chrome 66-7 RH repro $ 34.00/ea Quick-Add
3J00126 Quarter Window Chrome, repro, LH 68-´72 $ 34.00/EA Quick-Add
3J00127 Quarter Window Chrome, repro, RH 68-72 $ 34.00/EA Quick-Add
3J00035 Rear End Molding 67 lower $ 49.95/ea Quick-Add
3J00034 Rear End Molding 67 upper $ 45.95/ea Quick-Add
3J00033 Rear trunk lid molding 67 chrome $ 45.95/ea Quick-Add
3J00053 Rear window mldgs 68-72 El Cmn 5pc $ 209.95/set Quick-Add
3J00093 Sill plate 64-67 pair $ 73.95/pr Quick-Add
3J00129 Sill plate 64-7 ribbed style Pair $ 69.95/pr Quick-Add
3J00060-LR Sill plate 68-72 repro $ 24.95/ea Quick-Add
3J00030 Tail light bezels 67 pair $ 109.95/pr Quick-Add
3J00031 Tail light bezels 68 pair $ 139.97/pr Quick-Add
3J00032 Tail light bezels 69 pair $ 109.95/pr Quick-Add
3N00001-BLK Vinyl top 64-72 black $ 179.95/ea Quick-Add
3J00056 Wheel molding kit 70-72 repro $ 139.00/set Quick-Add
3J00081 Wheel Molding Kit, CHEVELLE…´68-´69 $ 109.95/ST Quick-Add
3J00133 Wheel opening moldings 70-2ElCamino $ 159.95/set Quick-Add
3J00022 Window crank 65-66 ea. chevelle $ 5.00/ea Quick-Add
3J00045-R Window Molding set 68-72 rear 4pc $ 159.99/set Quick-Add
3J00050 Windshield Lower Molding 68-72 $ 149.95/ea Quick-Add
3J00049-R Windshield Molding set 68-72 cpe $ 159.99/set Quick-Add

* While we strive to keep the prices in this web catalog current, the price quoted here is subject to change without notice.

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