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Chevy Blazer

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D & R Classic Automotive Chevelle Catalog : Wiring  

Please choose from the following parts:
Part # Name Price*
3WR11920 68 console extension harness 68 man $ 15.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR11915 68 console harness manual trans $ 15.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR35550 68 pwr acc harness pwr top,win,seat $ 9.50/ea Quick-Add
3WR14965 Air conditioning harness 70Chevelle $ 95.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR11894 Air conditioning harness 71 $ 95.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR10970 Air conditioning power feed 70 $ 12.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR12535 Battery cable 69 Neg SB $ 35.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR10725 Battery cable positive 67 396 $ 32.50/ea Quick-Add
3WR100001 Boot power window 69-72 A-body $ 50.00/pair Quick-Add
3WR0955 Dash harnes,65 W/warning lights $ 350.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR11760 Dash Harness 68 w.lights $ 375.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR12985 Dash harness 69 chvl gauges w/AC $ 395.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR17630 Engine harness 69 BB w/ggs $ 94.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR17620 Engine harness 69 SB Guages $ 99.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR11735 Engine harness 71 V8 4 speed $ 145.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR11735-H Engine harness 71 V8 4 speed w/HEI $ 145.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR11810 Forward harness 68 V8 W/gauges $ 139.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR15275 Forward lamp 70 w/warning & AC $ 139.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR18015 Forward lamp harness 69 V8 w/light $ 139.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR01539 Forward lamp harness 70 warning lit $ 139.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR01302 Forward lamp harness 70 w/ ggs $ 149.00/ea Quick-Add
3W38940 Forward Light 70 V8 gauges Int Reg $ 209.95/ea Quick-Add
3WR17410 Harness 69 Dash w.lights w/o AC $ 375.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR12955 Harness AC 69 $ 129.95/ea Quick-Add
3WR16465 Harness AC 72 CHVL $ 95.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR19050 Harness backu lamp sw 64-8 CHVL 4sp $ 55.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR10665 Harness backup switch ext 67-8 CHVL $ 20.99/ea Quick-Add
3WR13315 Harness clock lamp wire dash mountd $ 6.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR11485 Harness console 67 auto $ 39.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR10590 Harness console extension 67 auto $ 22.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR11475 Harness console extension 67 clock $ 22.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR10535 Harness dash 67 console w/gauges $ 389.95/ea Quick-Add
3WR12980 Harness dash 69 auto w/gauges $ 419.95/ea Quick-Add
3WR15270 Harness dash 71 w/SS gauges CHVL $ 439.95/set Quick-Add
3WR10570 Harness engine 67 396 w/gauges $ 79.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR10565 Harness engine 67 396 w/o gauges $ 79.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR11285 Harness engine 67 V8 w/gauges $ 89.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR12075 Harness engine 68 V8/396 w/gauge $ 79.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR11805 Harness engine 68 w/o gauges $ 104.95/ea Quick-Add
3WR13155 Harness engine 69 396 w/idle, gauge $ 89.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR15100 Harness engine 70 BB auto CHVL $ 125.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR15095 Harness engine 70 BB manual CHVL $ 125.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR17450 Harness engine 71 396-454 manual $ 145.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR17435 Harness engine 71 V8 auto $ 120.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR17420 Harness engine 72 BB 4sp w/gauges $ 135.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR17490 Harness engine 72 V8 w/gauges TH400 $ 135.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR12960 Harness forward 69 V8 w/gauges $ 139.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR11515 Harness forward lamp 67 w/gauges $ 139.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR73163 Harness forward lamp 67 w/o gauges $ 139.95/ea Quick-Add
3WR11775 Harness forward lamp 68 w.lights $ 169.95/ea Quick-Add
3WR14690 Harness forward lamp 70 w/gge w/ac $ 159.95/ea Quick-Add
3WR17475 Harness forward lamp 71 MC $ 125.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR17460 Harness forward lamp 71 V8 w/gauges $ 139.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR16455 Harness forward lamp 72 CHVL/ELCMNO $ 145.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR17460-I Harness frwrd lamp 71 V8 ggs IntReg $ 169.95/ea Quick-Add
3WR27730 Harness horn wire dual 70 CHVL $ 9.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR21940 Harness power top 68 cvt $ 45.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR21930 Harness power top 69 cvt $ 45.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR13930 Harness rear lamp 67 convt $ 129.95/ea Quick-Add
3WR13925 Harness rear lamp 67 coupe $ 105.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR17680 Harness rear lamp 68 cvt $ 129.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR17710 Harness rear lamp intermed 69 cvt $ 59.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR17695 Harness rear lamp trunk 71 all $ 115.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR28950 Harness undrdash courtesy lamp 70-2 $ 25.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR28240 Neutral safety swith ext harness 71 $ 13.95/ea Quick-Add
3WR28220 Power Accsry Wire, horn relay-brker $ 9.95/ea Quick-Add
3WR36251 Radio and speaker harness 4 speaker $ 79.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR14745 Rear lamp harness 70 all $ 129.95/ea Quick-Add
3WR17715 Rear lamp intermediate 70-72 cpe $ 95.00/ea Quick-Add
3WR36380 Trunk lamp assembly 70 $ 26.00/ea Quick-Add

* While we strive to keep the prices in this web catalog current, the price quoted here is subject to change without notice.

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