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Chevy Blazer

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D & R Classic Automotive Firebird Catalog : Book  

Please choose from the following parts:
Part # Name Price*
B00516 Bowties of the Sixties $ 29.95/Each Quick-Add
B00334 Car and Driver on Pontiac 1961-1975 $ 15.95/Each Quick-Add
B00645 Car Stereo High Performance, How to Design $ 18.95/Each Quick-Add
B00355 Chiltons Repair Manual Firebird 1967-1981 $ 21.95/EA Quick-Add
B00610 Custom Painting Do It Yourself Guide $ 18.95/Each Quick-Add
B00102 Fabulous Firebird $ 19.95/Each Quick-Add
B00182 Firebird Illustrated Fact Book 1967 $ 6.95/Each Quick-Add
B00183 Firebird Illustrated Fact Book 1968 $ 6.95/Each Quick-Add
B00012 Firebird, Moulding and Clip Manual 1967 $ 6.00/Each Quick-Add
B00013 Firebird, Moulding and Clip Manual 1968 $ 6.00/Each Quick-Add
B00014 Firebird, Moulding and Clip Manual 1969 $ 6.00/Each Quick-Add
B00015 Firebird, Moulding and Clip Manual 1970 $ 6.00/Each Quick-Add
B00502 GM Performance Parts Catalog 1997 $ 6.95/EA Quick-Add
B00515 Hayes Total Manual 1993-1998 $ 22.95/EA Quick-Add
B00632 High Performance Crate Motor Buyers Guide $ 18.95/EA Quick-Add
B00627 Holly Rebuilding and Modifying $ 18.95/EA Quick-Add
B00624 How to Build Horsepower Volume 1 $ 18.95/EA Quick-Add
B00079 How to Restore Your Camaro $ 15.95/EA Quick-Add
B00103 Illustrated Buyers Guide Firebird $ 17.95/Each Quick-Add
B00016 Owners Manual, Firebird 1967 $ 11.99/Each Quick-Add
B00046 Owners Manual, Firebird 1968 $ 11.99/Each Quick-Add
B00017 Owners Manual, Firebird 1969 $ 11.99/Each Quick-Add
B00038 Pontiac Firebird and Trans AM 1967-1994 $ 19.95/Each Quick-Add
B00319 Pontiac Firebird and Trans AM 1973-1981 $ 15.95/Each Quick-Add
B00508 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am Photo Album 1969-1999 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
B00321 Pontiac GTO Restoration Manual 1964-1970 $ 29.95/Each Quick-Add
B00323 Pontiac HD Parts and Specs $ 12.00/Each Quick-Add
B00324 Pontiac Hi-Perf Engine Design and BLP $ 21.95/Each Quick-Add
B00129 Pontiac Musclecar Performance 1955-1979 $ 39.95/Each Quick-Add
B00066 Pontiac Muscle Cars 1966-1972 $ 13.95/Each Quick-Add
B00081 Pontiac Racers High Performance Handbook $ 20.00/Each Quick-Add
B00018 Pontiacs 3rd Generation Firebird and TransAM $ 8.95/Each Quick-Add
B00314 Pontiac Service Manual 1967 $ 35.00/Each Quick-Add
B00372 Pontiac Service Manual 1967 (Firebird Supplement) $ 15.95/Each Quick-Add
B00315 Pontiac Service Manual 1968 $ 35.00/Each Quick-Add
B00316 Pontiac Service Manual 1969 $ 35.00/Each Quick-Add
B00136 Red Book, Chevrolet SS Muscle Car 61-73 $ 9.95/Each Quick-Add
B00356 Red Book, Firebird 1967-1991 $ 9.95/Each Quick-Add
B00365 Road and Track on Pontiac 1960-1983 $ 15.95/Each Quick-Add
B00107 Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 Handbook $ 14.95/Each Quick-Add
B00022 Wiring Diagram Manual, Firebird 1967 $ 6.00/Each Quick-Add

* While we strive to keep the prices in this web catalog current, the price quoted here is subject to change without notice.

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