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D & R Classic Automotive Firebird Catalog : Brake  

Please choose from the following parts:
Part # Name Price*
2Y00024 67-68 frt drum FB $ 72.07/ea Quick-Add
Y00062 Backing Plates, Disc Brake 67-68 $ 54.95/Pair Quick-Add
Y00050 Backing Plates, Disc Brake, Single Piston 69 $ 54.95/Pair Quick-Add
Y00077 Bearing & Seal Kit, Front Disc 67-74 $ 38.00/Kit Quick-Add
Y00046 Bleeder Screw Kit, Disc Brakes, 6-pc $ 11.95/Kit Quick-Add
Y00047 Bleeder Screw Kit, Drum Brakes, 4-pc $ 7.50/Set Quick-Add
Y00002 Brake Drum, Front, Finned 67-70 $ 75.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00003-R Brake Drum, Rear, Finned 67-74 $ 74.42/Each Quick-Add
Y00071 Brake/Fuel Clip, Dual Line $ 1.99/Each Quick-Add
Y00068-L Brake Hardware Adjuster Set, LH 67-69 $ 21.95/Set Quick-Add
Y00068 Brake Hardware Adjuster Set, RH 67-69 $ 21.95/Set Quick-Add
Y00067 Brake Hardware Set, Front Drum 67-69 $ 18.95/Set Quick-Add
Y00069 Brake Hardware Set, Rear Drum 67-81 $ 14.95/Set Quick-Add
Y00148 Brake Hose Bracket , Disc Brake 69 $ 14.50/Pair Quick-Add
Y00201 Brake Hose Bracket, Rear Axle 67-68 $ 12.95/Each Quick-Add
Y00202 Brake Hose Bracket, Rear Axle 69 $ 12.95/Each Quick-Add
Y00040-G Brake Hose Clip, Gold $ 2.00/Each Quick-Add
Y30023 Brake Hose, Front 84-92 RH $ 25.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00105 Brake Hose, Front Disc 74-76 $ 25.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00106 Brake Hose, Front Disc 77-78 $ 25.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00107 Brake Hose, Front Disc 79-81 $ 25.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00032 Brake Hose, Front, Disc Brake 69-71 $ 25.00/Each Quick-Add
2Y00028 Brake hose front drum 68-69 $ 24.00/ea Quick-Add
Y30019 Brake Hose, Front , LH 82-83 $ 25.00/Each Quick-Add
Y30021 Brake Hose, Front, LH 84-92 $ 25.00/Each Quick-Add
Y30022 Brake Hose, Front, LH, Performance 84-92 $ 25.00/Each Quick-Add
Y30020 Brake Hose, Front, RH 82-83 $ 25.00/Each Quick-Add
Y30024 Brake Hose, Front, RH Performance 84-92 $ 25.00/Each Quick-Add
Y30025 Brake Hose, Rear 82-83 $ 19.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00142 Brake Hose,Rear Axle 73 $ 29.95/Each Quick-Add
Y00143 Brake Hose, Rear Axle 74-75 $ 29.95/Each Quick-Add
Y30026 Brake Hose, Rear Disc 83 $ 25.00/Each Quick-Add
Y30028 Brake Hose, Rear Disc 84-88 $ 25.00/Each Quick-Add
Y30030 Brake Hose, Rear Disc, LH 88-92 $ 25.00/Each Quick-Add
Y30029 Brake Hose, Rear Disc, RH 88-92 $ 25.00/Each Quick-Add
Y30027 Brake Hose, Rear Drum 84-88 $ 25.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00149 Brake Line Bracket Set Disc Brake, Upper, 3-pc 69 $ 35.00/Set Quick-Add
Y00061 Brake Line Clamp, Front Frame $ 4.50/Each Quick-Add
Y00027 Brake Line Clip Kit, 10-pc 67-68 $ 26.00/Kit Quick-Add
Y20016 Brake Line Clip Set 32-pc 75-81 $ 40.00/Set Quick-Add
Y00027-C Brake Line Clip, Single Clip $ 3.25/Each Quick-Add
Y00021-M Brake Line, Front /Rear 1-pc Stainless Manual 69 $ 75.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00021 Brake Line, Front /Rear, 1-pc Stainless Power 69 $ 65.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00022-M Brake Line, Front-Rear 2-pc Stainless Manual 69 $ 75.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00022 Brake Line, Front/Rear, 2-pc Stainless Power 69 $ 75.00/Set Quick-Add
Y20009-S Brake Line, Front/RearMan Disc, 1-pc Stain 70 $ 80.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00102 Brake Line, Front/Rear, Power Disc, Stainless 70 $ 75.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00019-OEM Brake Line, Front to Rear, 1-pc, OE 67-68 $ 47.00/Set Quick-Add
Y00021-MO Brake Line, Front to Rear, 1-pc, OE manual 69 $ 56.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00021-O Brake Line, Front to Rear, 1-pc, OE power 69 $ 47.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00019 Brake Line, Front to Rear, 1-pc, Stainless 67-68 $ 65.00/Set Quick-Add
Y00022-O Brake Line, Front to Rear, 2-pc, OE power 69 $ 56.00/Set Quick-Add
Y00020 Brake Line, Front to Rear, 2-pc, Stainless 67-68 $ 75.00/Set Quick-Add
Y30009 Brake Line, Front to Rear 4/6 Cyl, OE 82-83 $ 50.00/Each Quick-Add
Y30011 Brake Line, Front to Rear 4/6 Cyl, OE 84-85 $ 50.00/Each Quick-Add
Y30009-S Brake Line, Front to Rear 4/6 Cyl, Stainless 82-83 $ 89.00/Set Quick-Add
Y30011-S Brake Line, Front to Rear 4/6 Cyl, Stainless 84-85 $ 70.00/Each Quick-Add
Y20009 Brake Line, Front to Rear Manual Disc, 1-pc 70 $ 60.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00100-O Brake Line, Front to Rear OE 74-76 $ 69.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00130 Brake Line, Front to Rear OE 77-81 $ 69.00/Each Quick-Add
Y30013 Brake Line, Front to Rear OE 86-92 $ 50.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00102-O Brake Line, Front to Rear, Power Disc, OE 70 $ 69.00/Set Quick-Add
Y00100 Brake Line, Front to Rear Stainless 74-76 $ 75.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00130-SS Brake Line, Front to Rear Stainless 77-81 $ 75.00/Each Quick-Add
Y30013-S Brake Line, Front to Rear Stainless 86-92 $ 70.00/Each Quick-Add
Y30010 Brake Line, Front to Rear V-8, OE 82-83 $ 50.00/Each Quick-Add
Y30012 Brake Line, Front to Rear V-8, OE 84-85 $ 50.00/Each Quick-Add
Y30010-S Brake Line, Front to Rear V-8, Stainless 82-83 $ 70.00/Each Quick-Add
Y30012-S Brake Line, Front to Rear V-8, Stainless 84-85 $ 70.00/Each Quick-Add
2Y00015-S brake line frt 67-8 man disc SS 5pc $ 89.00/set Quick-Add
2Y00018-O brake line frt 69 pwr disc OE 5pc $ 59.00/set Quick-Add
2Y00018 brake line frt 69 pwr disc SS 5pc $ 89.00/set Quick-Add
2Y00041 Brake line frt 71-78 OE 4pc pwr dsc $ 79.00/ea Quick-Add
2Y00015 Brake line frt pwr disc 67-8 OE 5pc $ 69.00/set Quick-Add
2Y00019 Brake line frt to rear 1-pc 67-68 $ 85.00/ea Quick-Add
2Y00001 Brake line kit 1-pc power disc 69 OE $ 199.00/kit Quick-Add
2Y00056 brake line over axle 68 OE 2pc $ 25.00/pr Quick-Add
Y30015 Brake Line, Rear Axle 4-Wheel Disc, OE 82 $ 25.00/Pair Quick-Add
Y30015-S Brake Line, Rear Axle 4-Wheel Disc, Stainless 82 $ 35.00/Pair Quick-Add
Y30017 Brake Line, Rear Axle, disc, Borg Warner OE 86-92 $ 25.00/Pair Quick-Add
Y30017-S Brake Line, Rear Axle, disc Borg Warner Stain 86-9 $ 35.00/Pair Quick-Add
Y30014 Brake Line, Rear Axle, OE 82 -83 $ 25.00/Pair Quick-Add
Y30018 Brake Line, Rear Axle, rear disc, OE 86-92 $ 25.00/Pair Quick-Add
Y30018-S Brake Line, Rear Axle, rear disc, Stainless 86-92 $ 35.00/Pair Quick-Add
Y30014-S Brake Line, Rear Axle, Stainless 82-83 $ 35.00/Pair Quick-Add
2Y00002 Brake line set 1-pc f-r pwr disc 67 – 68 $ 199.00/set Quick-Add
2Y00003 Brake line set 2-pc f-r power disc 69 OE $ 199.00/kit Quick-Add
2Y00004 Brake line set 2-pc f-r pwr dc 67-8 $ 199.00/set Quick-Add
2Y00041-S Brake lines frt 71-8 pwr disc 4pcSS $ 99.00/ea Quick-Add
Y00127 Brake Line Shield, Armored Spring, 3/16 inch $ 9.95/Foot Quick-Add
2Y00021-O brake lines over axle 69 OE 2pc $ 25.00/set Quick-Add
2Y00021 Brake lines over axle 69 SS 2pc $ 35.00/set Quick-Add
2Y00032-S brake lns frt 70 pwr dsc w/armr SS $ 99.00/ea Quick-Add
Y00041 Brake Pad Set, 4-Piston, D-3 67-68 $ 52.95/Set Quick-Add
Y00080 Brake Pads, Single Piston 69-81 $ 24.95/Set Quick-Add
Y00160 Brake Shoe, Front Drum 67-69 $ 34.95/Set Quick-Add
Y00137 Brake Shoes , Rear Drum 67-81 $ 29.95/Set Quick-Add
Y00054 Caliper Bolt for Hose 69 and up $ 5.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00128 Caliper Hose Brackets, Inlet Line 67-68 $ 39.95/Pair Quick-Add
Y00054-W Caliper Hose Copper Washer 69 and up $ 1.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00135 Caliper Mount Brackets, Repro 69 $ 89.95/Pair Quick-Add
Y00035 Caliper Pad Pin 4-Piston Caliper Brake Pads 67-68 $ 2.89/Each Quick-Add
Y00138 Caliper Pad Pin 69-81 $ 9.10/PR Quick-Add
Y00109 Caliper, Rebuilt, LH 70-76 $ 39.95/Each Quick-Add
Y00111 Caliper, Rebuilt, LH 77 $ 29.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00113 Caliper, Rebuilt, LH 78-81 $ 44.95/Each Quick-Add
Y00108 Caliper, Rebuilt, RH 70-76 $ 39.95/Each Quick-Add
Y00110 Caliper, Rebuilt, RH 77 $ 29.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00112 Caliper, Rebuilt, RH 78-81 $ 44.95/Each Quick-Add
2Y00039-L Caliper, Sleeved, Stainless, LH 67-68 $ 169.95/EA Quick-Add
2Y00039 Caliper, Sleeved, Stainless, RH 67-68 $ 169.95/EA Quick-Add
Y00075 Disc Brake Conv, Deluxe Single Piston 67- 69 $ 595.00/Kit Quick-Add
Y00083 Disc Brake Conversion, Basic 67-69 $ 559.00/Kit Quick-Add
Y00031 Emergency Brake Cable Equalizer 67-74 $ 8.43/Each Quick-Add
Y00118 Emergency Brake Cable, Rear 70-74 GM $ 50.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00119 Emergency Brake Cable, Rear, LH 75-81 $ 29.50/Each Quick-Add
Y00048 Emergency Brake Cable, Rear, w/OE Spiral 67-69 $ 29.95/Each Quick-Add
Y00063 Emergency Brake Cable Support Bracket 68-69 $ 9.95/Each Quick-Add
Y00042 Emergency Brake Support S-Hook 67-69 $ 7.95/Each Quick-Add
Y00086 Front Brake Line Set Manual Disc, Stainless 67-68 $ 85.00/Set Quick-Add
Y00203 Hose Bracket to Body, Rear 69 $ 24.95/Each Quick-Add
Y00168 Manual Push Rod 67-69 $ 31.95/Each Quick-Add
Y00145 Master Cylinder, Cover, Drum Brake 67-80 $ 11.95/Each Quick-Add
Y00076-70 Master Cylinder, Disc Brake, Front 70-81 $ 89.95/Each Quick-Add
Y01707 Proportioning Valve, Adjustable Rear, Disc Brake $ 59.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00139 Proportioning Valve Brake Lines 3/8 inch 67-69 $ 24.00/Pair Quick-Add
Y00139-A Proportioning Valve Brake Lines 7/16 inch 67-68 $ 24.00/Pair Quick-Add
Y00072-4D Proportioning Valve, Metering Block, 4-wheel disc $ 79.95/Each Quick-Add
Y00072 Proportioning Valve, Metering Block 71-81 $ 75.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00026 Rotor, Disc Brake, 1-pc 69 $ 59.99/Each Quick-Add
Y00117 Rotor, Disc Brake, 1-pc 70-78 $ 59.95/Each Quick-Add
Y00146 Rotor, Disc Brake, 1-pc 79-81 $ 79.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00150 Rotor, Disc Brake, 1-pc 82-92 $ 79.00/Each Quick-Add
Y00026-4 Rotor, Disc Brake, 4-Piston Caliper 67-68 $ 99.99/Each Quick-Add
Y00115 Wheel Cylinder, Front LH 67-69 $ 24.95/Each Quick-Add
Y00114 Wheel Cylinder, Front RH 67-69 $ 24.95/Each Quick-Add
Y00116 Wheel Cylinder, Rear 67-76 $ 22.40/Each Quick-Add
Y00147 Wheel Cylinder, Rear 77-81 $ 26.75/Each Quick-Add

* While we strive to keep the prices in this web catalog current, the price quoted here is subject to change without notice.

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