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Chevy Blazer

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D & R Classic Automotive Firebird Catalog : Electrical  

Please choose from the following parts:
Part # Name Price*
E00116 Bulb, Dash/Heater Control/Glove Box $ 1.00/Each Quick-Add
E00117 Bulb, Dome/Console $ 1.25/Each Quick-Add
E00119 Bulb, Glove Box/Radio Dial $ 1.00/Each Quick-Add
E00114 Bulb, License Plate/Courtesy $ 1.25/Each Quick-Add
E00113 Bulb, Marker, or Dash 67-68 $ 1.00/Each Quick-Add
E00112 Bulb, Park Light, Amber $ 2.00/Each Quick-Add
E00111 Bulb, Taillight, and Stop Light $ 1.50/Each Quick-Add
E00115 Bulb, Taillight or Back-Up $ 1.25/Each Quick-Add
E00120 Bulb, Under Hood $ 1.25/Each Quick-Add
2E00002-9 Circurt board 69 W/gauges $ 129.00/ea Quick-Add
E00003 Courtesy Lamp Brackets, Underdash $ 15.00/Pair Quick-Add
E00099 Dome Lamp Door Switch, Dual Pin 68-92 $ 4.99/Each Quick-Add
E00023 Dome Lamp Door Switch, Single Pin 67-71 $ 6.49/Each Quick-Add
2E00038 Fuel door "bird", 67 repro $ 35.25/ea Quick-Add
E00031-C Glove box lamp, contact only $ 1.00/Each Quick-Add
E00008 Head Lamp Dimmer Switch 67-72 $ 8.00/Each Quick-Add
E00109-GM Heater Blower Motor, GM, with Cage 77-81 only $ 99.95/Each Quick-Add
E00109-A Heater Blower Motor, Non-A/C 67-81 $ 24.95/Each Quick-Add
E00109 Heater Blower Motor, with A/C 67-69 $ 24.00/Each Quick-Add
E00109-78 Heater Blower Motor, with A/C 78-81 $ 24.00/Each Quick-Add
E00106 Horn, High Note 67-81 $ 21.00/Each Quick-Add
E00107 Horn, Low Note $ 21.00/Each Quick-Add
E00034 Ignition Switch, Non-Tilt 69-81 $ 25.00/Each Quick-Add
E00034-T Ignition Switch, With Tilt 69-81 $ 16.95/Each Quick-Add
E00035 Junction Block, with Nut 67-69 $ 7.95/Each Quick-Add
E00126 Neutral Safety Switch PG 67 $ 34.95/Each Quick-Add
E00053 Neutral Safety Switch, TH400 or TH350 67 $ 39.95/Each Quick-Add
E40100 Power Door Lock Actuator LH 93-96 $ 78.95/Each Quick-Add
E40101 Power Door Lock Actuator RH 93-96 $ 78.95/Each Quick-Add
E00059 Power Top Switch Convertible 67-69, 70-72 Chevelle $ 24.50/Each Quick-Add
EPTS69 Power Top Switch, Convertible, Correct Style 69 $ 39.95/Each Quick-Add
2E00002 Printed circuit board, 67-8 FB $ 89.95/ea Quick-Add
E00001-78 Relay, Air Conditioning 67-68 $ 21.95/Each Quick-Add
E00001 Relay, Air Conditioning 69-72 $ 19.50/Each Quick-Add
E00016 Relay, for Power Windows 67-81 $ 21.95/Each Quick-Add
E00138 Rod, Neutral Safety Switch-Clutch Pedal 69 $ 15.95/Each Quick-Add
E4PTL Solenoid Power Trunk Hatch Lock 93-02 $ 26.00/Each Quick-Add
E00156 Switch, AC Repair Cap Vacuum 67 $ 19.95/Each Quick-Add
E00158 Switch, Blower Motor Fan AC 70-72 $ 41.99/Each Quick-Add
E00159 Switch, Blower Motor Fan Air Conditioning 73-81 $ 41.99/Each Quick-Add
E00128 Switch, Brake Light 67-69 $ 7.49/Each Quick-Add
E00162 Switch, Power Window 2-Gang 77-81 $ 119.95/Each Quick-Add
E00157 Switch, Power Window 4 Gang 67-69 $ 52.00/Each Quick-Add
E00129 Switch, Turn Signal 69-75 $ 54.95/Each Quick-Add
2E00016 Tachometer hood tach 67 repro 5200 $ 249.95/ea Quick-Add
2E00017 Tachometer hood tach 68 repro 5200 $ 249.95/ea Quick-Add
2E00018 Tachometer hood tach 68 repro 5500 $ 249.95/ea Quick-Add
2E00022 Tachometer hood tach 69 5200 Ram IV $ 229.00/ea Quick-Add
2E00021 Tachometer hood tach 69 5200 STD $ 229.00/ea Quick-Add
E00103-A Trunk Lamp Assembly, Convertible 67-69 $ 24.95/Each Quick-Add
E00103 Trunk Lamp Assembly, Coupe 67-69 $ 24.95/Each Quick-Add
E00103-B Trunk Lamp Assembly, Coupe 70-81 $ 24.95/Each Quick-Add
E00134 Turn Signal Switch Repair 69-71 $ 14.95/Each Quick-Add
E00135 Turn Signal Switch Repair, non-Tilt 67-68 $ 10.49/Each Quick-Add
E00104 Turn Signal Switch, Replacement 67-68 $ 54.95/Each Quick-Add

* While we strive to keep the prices in this web catalog current, the price quoted here is subject to change without notice.

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