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Chevy Blazer

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D & R Classic Automotive Firebird Catalog : Interior  

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Part # Name Price*
2F00245 67 std door pnl molding kit frt $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00246 67 std door pnl molding kit frt/rr $ 29.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0051-BLK Arm rest assembly black LH…'70-'81 $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0052-BLK Arm rest assembly black RH…'70-'81 $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0051-CML Arm rest assy camel tan LH…'78-80 $ 108.24/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0052-CML Arm rest assy camel tan RH…'78-'80 $ 108.24/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0051-CARM Arm rest assy carmine LH…'78-80 $ 108.24/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0052-CARM Arm rest assy carmine RH…'78-'80 $ 108.24/ea Quick-Add
2FC00001 Arm rest base, chrome 67 $ 29.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0518-AQUA Arm rest cover cpe aqua…'67-8 $ 34.95/PR Quick-Add
2FIC0518-BLK Arm rest cover cpe black…'69 $ 34.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0518-BTBL Arm rest cover cpe bt blue…'67 $ 34.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0518-DKBL Arm rest cover cpe dk blue…'69 $ 34.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0518-DKGR Arm rest cover cpe dk green…'69 $ 34.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0518-GOLD Arm rest cover cpe gold…'67 $ 34.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0518-IVYG Arm rest cover cpe ivy gold…'68 $ 34.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0518-LTBL Arm rest cover cpe lt blue…'67 $ 34.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0518-LTGR Arm rest cover cpe lt green…'69 $ 34.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0518-MEDBL Arm rest cover cpe med blue…'68 $ 34.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0518-ORG Arm rest cover cpe orange…'69 $ 34.95/pr Quick-Add
2FI00518-PARCH Arm rest cover cpe parch 68-9 $ 34.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0518-PARCH Arm rest cover cpe parch…'67 $ 34.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0518-PEARL Arm rest cover cpe pearl…'68 $ 34.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0518-RED Arm rest cover cpe red…'67-9 $ 34.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0518-WHT Arm rest cover cpe white…'69 $ 34.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0515-AQUA Arm rest cover cvt aqua…'67-8 $ 49.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0515-BLK Arm rest cover cvt black…'67-9 $ 49.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0515-BTBL Arm rest cover cvt bt blue…'67 $ 49.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0515-DKBL Arm rest cover cvt dk blue…'69 $ 49.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0515-DKGR Arm rest cover cvt dk green…'69 $ 49.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0515-GOLD Arm rest cover cvt gold…'67 $ 49.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0515-IVORY Arm rest cover cvt ivory/white…'69 $ 49.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0515-IVYG Arm rest cover cvt ivy gold…'68 $ 49.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0515-LTBL Arm rest cover cvt lt blue…'67 $ 49.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0515-LTGR Arm rest cover cvt lt green…'69 $ 49.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0515-MEDBL Arm rest cover cvt med blue…'68 $ 49.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0515-ORAN Arm rest cover cvt orange…'69 $ 49.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0515-PARCH Arm rest cover cvt parchment…'67 $ 49.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0515-PEARL Arm rest cover cvt pearl…'68 $ 49.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0515-REDL Arm rest cover cvt red…'67-9 $ 49.95/set Quick-Add
2FI0005-BLK Arm rest covers rear coupe 67-9 blk $ 36.95/set Quick-Add
2FI0046-TURQ Arm rest pad 67 turquoise $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0048-TURQ Arm rest pad 68-69 LH turquoise $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0047-TURQ Arm rest pad 68-69 RH turquoise $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0048-TEAL Arm rest pad 68 LH teal blue $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0047-TEAL Arm rest pad 68 RH teal blue $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0050-DRKCML Arm rest pad 78-80 LH drk camel $ 68.90/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0046-BLK Arm rest pads black…'67 $ 16.50/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0048-BLK Arm rest pads black LH…'68-9 $ 16.50/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0047-BLK Arm rest pads black RH…'68-9 $ 16.50/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0046-BTBLU Arm rest pads bright blue…'67 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0050-DKBL Arm rest pads dark blue LH…'69 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0049-DKBL Arm rest pads dark blue RH…'69 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0050-DKGN Arm rest pads dark green LH…'69 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0049-DGRN Arm rest pads dark green RH…'69 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0046-GOLD Arm rest pads gold…'67 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0046-GRGD Arm rest pads gold green…'67 $ 9.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0048-GOLD Arm rest pads gold LH…'68 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0047-GOLD Arm rest pads gold RH…'68 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0046-LTBL Arm rest pads light blue…'67 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0047-MEDBL Arm rest pads med blue RH…'68 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0048-MEDBL Arm rest pads medium blue LH…'68 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0046-PARCH Arm rest pads parchment…'67 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0046-RED Arm rest pads red…'67 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0048-RED Arm rest pads red LH…'68-9 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0047-RED Arm rest pads red RH…'68-9 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0050-WHITE Arm rest pads white LH…'69 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0049-WHITE Arm rest pads white RH…'69 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FC00007 Ash Tray, Arm Rest, 68-69, 70-81 $ 35.95/ea Quick-Add
2FC00005 Ash Tray, Arm Rest, Complete 67 $ 67.95/ea Quick-Add
2FC00006 Ash Tray, Console 67 $ 11.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0401-RED Carpet 76-81 F Body red $ 144.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0405-GRAY Carpet 79 T.A. Silver anniversary $ 144.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0405-MEDGRAY Carpet 81 T.A. Med gray $ 144.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0401-BLK Carpeting set black…'67-9 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0404-BLK Carpeting set black…'70-3 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0404-BLK1 Carpeting set black…'74-5 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0415-BLK Carpeting set black…'82-'92 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0403-M13 Carpeting set blue…'67-9 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0401-BRTBL Carpeting set bright blue…'67 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0404-BRTBL Carpeting set bright blue…'70 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0405-CMLTAN Carpeting set camel tan…'79-'81 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0405-CARAME Carpeting set caramel…'76-'81 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0405-CAR Carpeting set carmine…'76-'81 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0403-DKBL Carpeting set dark blue…'67-9 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0404-DKBL Carpeting set dark blue…'70-2 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0405-DRKBRN Carpeting set dark brown…'76-'81 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0403-DKGN Carpeting set dark green…'67-9 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0404-DKGR Carpeting set dark green…'70-5 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0405-DKGR Carpeting set dark green…'76-'81 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0405-RED Carpeting set dark red…'78-'80 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0404-DKSDL Carpeting set dark saddle…'70-4 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0405-DOESKI Carpeting set doeskin…'75-'81 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0405-FIRE Carpeting set firethorn…'76-7 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0401-GOLD Carpeting set gold…'67-9 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0405-GOLD Carpeting set gold T…'79 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0402-IVGD Carpeting set ivy gold…'68 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0405-JADE Carpeting set jadestone…'76-7 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0415-LTBEIG Carpeting set light beige…'82-'92 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0401-LGTBL Carpeting set light blue…'67-9 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0405-LTBL Carpeting set light blue…'76-7 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0415-LTGREY Carpeting set light grey…'82-'92 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0405-LTMARO Carpeting set light maroon…'76-'81 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0404-LTSDL Carpeting set light saddle…'70-5 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0402-MEDBL Carpeting set medium blue…'67-9 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0405-MEDDOE Carpeting set medium doe…'81 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0405-MEDGRA Carpeting set medium gray…'76-'81 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0401-MGRN Carpeting set moss green…'69 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0405-NVYBL Carpeting set navy blue…'76-'81 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0405-OXBL Carpeting set oxblood…'80 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0405-POBL Carpeting set powder blue…'79-'81 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0420-BLK Carpeting set rear cargo black82-92 $ 124.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0401-RED Carpeting set red…'67-9 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0420-GRAY Carpeting set rr cargo gray…'82-92 $ 124.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0405-SIL Carpeting set silver…'76-'81 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0405-SIBL Carpeting set silver/blue…'76-'81 $ 144.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0430-FLRED Carpeting set w/mat flame red…'93-8 $ 319.00/set Quick-Add
2FIC0430-GRAPHI Carpeting set w/mat graphite…'93-8 $ 319.00/set Quick-Add
2FIC0430-MOCHA Carpeting set w/mat mocha…'93-8 $ 319.00/set Quick-Add
2FIC0431-BLK Carpeting set w/o mat black…'93-8 $ 225.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0431-MOCHA Carpeting set w/o mat mocha…'93-8 $ 225.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0431-MEDOPA Carpeting set w/o mat opal…'93-8 $ 225.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0430-MEDBEI Carpeting w/mat, med beige…'93-8 $ 319.00/set Quick-Add
2FIC0430-MEDGRA Carpeting w/mat medium gray…'93-8 $ 319.00/set Quick-Add
2FIC0430-MEDOPA Carpeting w/mat medium opal…'93-8 $ 319.00/set Quick-Add
2FIC0431-FLRED Carpeting w/o mat flame red…'93-8 $ 225.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0431-GRAPHI Carpeting w/o mat graphite…'93-8 $ 225.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0431-MEDBEI Carpeting w/o mat med beige…'93-8 $ 225.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0431-MEDGRA Carpeting w/o mat med gray…'93-8 $ 225.95/set Quick-Add
2FI0405-LTSDL Carpet set 76-77 light saddle FB $ 144.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0405-LTGR Carpet set 78 light green FB $ 144.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0405-BUCK Carpet set 80 buckskin $ 144.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0420-LTBEIG Carpet set rr cargo lt beige…'82-92 $ 124.95/set Quick-Add
2FC00010 Carpet Sound Deadener, "F" Body 67-69 $ 39.95/set Quick-Add
2FC00010-A Carpet sound deadener, F body 70-81 $ 39.95/set Quick-Add
2FC00017 Chrome Air/Astro Vent Ball 67- 68 $ 15.00/ea Quick-Add
2F00005 Coat hanger hook 73-77 $ 16.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00468 Console 68-9 Firebird $ 369.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00472 Console door 70-81 light blue $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00467 Console door latch button FB $ 12.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00031 Console FB 4-sp 70-79 $ 289.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00030 Console FB 70-79 Auto $ 229.95/ea Quick-Add
2FC00019 Dash Bezel Set, 4-piece 68 $ 14.95/set Quick-Add
2F00278 Dash bezel trim 68 walnut w/o AC $ 69.95/ea Quick-Add
2FC00018 Dash, Chrome Air/Astro Vent Bezel 67-68 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00273 Dash pad 69 Firebird black $ 269.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00273-DKBL Dash pad 69 Firebird dark blue $ 269.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00273-DKGRN Dash pad 69 Firebird dark green $ 269.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00273-GOLD Dash pad 69 Firebird gold $ 269.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00474 Dash pad 70-81 light blue $ 429.95/ea Quick-Add
2FC00020 Dash Pad Black 67 $ 139.95/ea Quick-Add
2FC00021-CLIP Dash Pad Clips, Lower 68 $ 9.95/pr Quick-Add
2FC00021-D Dash Pad Molding, Deluxe 68 $ 89.95/ea Quick-Add
2FC00015 Dash Vent Retainer Bezel Seal $ 8.95/ea Quick-Add
2FC00022 Defroster Lever Repair Kit 67- 68 $ 12.95/set Quick-Add
2FI0043-TURQ Dlx door panel carpet 67 turquoise $ 29.95/set Quick-Add
2FI0044-MEDBL Dlx door panel carpet 68 brt blue $ 39.00/pr Quick-Add
2FC00024-70 Dome Lamp Base 70-81 reproduction $ 11.25/ea Quick-Add
2FC00024 Dome Lamp Base, reproduction 67-69 $ 9.00/ea Quick-Add
2FC00027 Dome Lamp Deluxe Base 67 $ 44.95/ea Quick-Add
2FC00026 Dome Lamp Deluxe Lens 67 $ 10.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00025 Dome lamp lens 69-81 Firebird $ 5.99/ea Quick-Add
2FC00025-70 Dome Lamp Lens, 70-81 reproduction $ 4.79/ea Quick-Add
2F00026 Dome lamp lens base 69-81 Firebird $ 12.95/ea Quick-Add
2FC00041 Door Handle, Deluxe, Inside 68-69 $ 29.95/pr Quick-Add
2FLC0031 Door handle dlx inside LH…'67 $ 29.95/ea Quick-Add
2FLC0032 Door handle dlx inside RH…'67 $ 29.95/ea Quick-Add
2FGC0367 Door Handle Escutcheon, Deluxe 68-69 $ 33.95/pr Quick-Add
2FLC0036 Door handle inside LH…'75-'81 $ 42.95/ea Quick-Add
2FLC0038 Door handle inside LH/RH…'82-'92 $ 53.95/ea Quick-Add
2FLC0037 Door handle inside RH…'75-'81 $ 42.95/ea Quick-Add
2FLC0027 Door handle inside std…'67 $ 11.99/ea Quick-Add
2FLC0029 Door handle inside std LH…'68-9 $ 13.20/ea Quick-Add
2FLC0030 Door handle inside std RH…'68-9 $ 13.20/ea Quick-Add
2FC00030 Door Jamb Lacing, repro 67-69 $ 8.95/pr Quick-Add
2FC00032 Door Jamb Louver, OE Style 67-69 $ 16.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00475 Door jamb switch 70-87 LH $ 3.75/ea Quick-Add
2FC00032-2 Door Jamb Vent Louver 70-81 $ 22.61/ea Quick-Add
2FC00033 Door Lock Ferrule 67 $ 3.95/pr Quick-Add
2FC00034 Door Lock Ferrule 68-81 $ 4.35/pr Quick-Add
2FC00038-AQUA Door Lock knob Aqua '68 – '69 $ 6.95/pr Quick-Add
2FC00038-RED Door Lock knob Aqua '68 – '69 $ 6.95/pr Quick-Add
2FC00038-BLK Door Lock knob Black '68 – '69 $ 9.00/pr Quick-Add
2FC00035-BLUE Door lock knob Blue '67 $ 6.95/pr Quick-Add
2FC00038-BLUE Door Lock knob Bue '68 – '69 $ 6.95/pr Quick-Add
2FC00036 Door lock knob Chrome '68 – '81 $ 4.95/pr Quick-Add
2FC00035-GOLD Door lock knob Gold '67 $ 6.95/pr Quick-Add
2FC00038-GOLD Door Lock knob Gold '68 – '69 $ 6.95/pr Quick-Add
2FC00035-RED Door lock knob Red '67 $ 6.95/pr Quick-Add
2FI0001-BLK Door panel 70-1 std black PAD $ 319.95/pr Quick-Add
2FI0205-BLK Door panel 78-81 DLX black $ 479.95/pr Quick-Add
2FI0205-PCAR Door panel 78-81 Dlx PAD Carmine $ 349.95/pr Quick-Add
2FI0218-PFIRE Door panel 80 std Firethorn preassb $ 239.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0043-AQUA Door panel carpeting dlx aqua…'67 $ 44.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0043-BLACK Door panel carpeting dlx black…'67 $ 44.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0043-BRTBL Door panel carpeting dlx bt blue'67 $ 44.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0043-GOLD Door panel carpeting dlx gold…'67 $ 44.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0043-LTBLUE Door panel carpeting dlx lt blue'67 $ 44.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0043-RED Door panel carpeting dlx red…'67 $ 44.95/pr Quick-Add
2F00001 Door panel cup 75-76 LH std $ 13.25/ea Quick-Add
2F00002 Door panel cup 75-76 RH std $ 13.25/ea Quick-Add
2F00003 Door panel cup 77-81 LH std $ 13.14/ea Quick-Add
2F00004 Door panel cup 77-81 RH std $ 13.14/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0018-AQUA Door panel front aqua…'67 $ 469.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0018-BLACK Door panel front black…'67 $ 469.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0018-BTBLU Door panel front bt blue…'67 $ 469.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0018-GOLD Door panel front gold…'67 $ 469.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0018-PARCH Door panel front parchment…'67 $ 469.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0018-RED Door panel front red…'67 $ 469.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0001-BLACK Door panel front std blk 1967 $ 69.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0001-GOLD Door panel front std gold…'67 $ 69.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0001-RED Door panel front std red…'67 $ 69.95/pr Quick-Add
2FJC0010 Door Panel Molding, Center, Deluxe 67 $ 42.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0019-AQUA Door panel rear dlx cpe aqua…'67 $ 74.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0019-BLK Door panel rear dlx cpe blk…'67 $ 9.00/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0019-BTBLU Door panel rear dlx cpe bt blue…'67 $ 74.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0019-GOLD Door panel rear dlx cpe gold…'67 $ 74.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0019-PARCH Door panel rear dlx cpe parch…'67 $ 74.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0019-RED Door panel rear dlx cpe red…'67 $ 74.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0020-AQUA Door panel rear dlx cvt aqua…'67 $ 74.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0020-BLACK Door panel rear dlx cvt black…'67 $ 74.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0020-BTBLUE Door panel rear dlx cvt bt blue…'67 $ 9.00/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0020-GOLD Door panel rear dlx cvt gold…'67 $ 74.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0020-PARCH Door panel rear dlx cvt parch…'67 $ 74.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0020-PEARL Door panel rear dlx cvt pearl…'67 $ 54.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0020-RED Door panel rear dlx cvt red…'67 $ 74.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0020-YELLOW Door panel rear dlx cvt yellow…'67 $ 72.00/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0002-BLACK Door panel rear std cpe blk…'67 $ 54.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0002-GOLD Door panel rear std cpe gold…'67 $ 54.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0002-LTBLU Door panel rear std cpe lt blue…'67 $ 54.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0002-RED Door panel rear std cpe red…'67 $ 54.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0003-BLACK Door panel rear std cvt blk…'67 $ 42.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0003-BTBLU Door panel rear std cvt bt blue…'67 $ 42.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0003-GOLD Door panel rear std cvt gold…'67 $ 42.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0003-LTBLU Door panel rear std cvt lt blue…'67 $ 42.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0003-PAR Door panel rear std cvt Parchment $ 42.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0003-RED Door panel rear std cvt red…'67 $ 42.95/pr Quick-Add
2FI0102-LTBL Door panels 67 std frt lt blue M14 $ 79.95/pr Quick-Add
2FI0006-BLK Door panels 68 rear cvt Black $ 42.00/pr Quick-Add
2FI0040-DKBL Door Panels 69 rear PAD Dk Blue CVT $ 199.95/pr Quick-Add
2FI0200-DKSAD Door panels 73 frt dk saddle $ 99.95/pr Quick-Add
2FI0200-SADDLE Door panels 73 frt lt saddle $ 99.95/pr Quick-Add
2FI0504-BLK Door Panels 75 DLX preassb. BLK $ 279.00/pr Quick-Add
2FI0201-FTHN Door panels 77 firethorn $ 99.00/pr Quick-Add
2FI0202-RED Door panels 80-81 std red $ 99.00/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0001-PAR Door panels std parchment 67 $ 69.95/pr Quick-Add
2FI0038-BLK Door pnl 69 front std black PAD $ 239.95/pr Quick-Add
2FI0038-PARCH Door Pnl 69 front std Parchment PAD $ 259.00/PR Quick-Add
2FI0038-DKBL Door pnl 69 presbd front dk blue $ 259.95/pr Quick-Add
2FI0039-DKBL Door pnl 69 presbd rear cpe dk blue $ 199.95/pr Quick-Add
2FI0039-PARCH Door Pnl 69 Presbd rear cpe Parch $ 199.95/pr Quick-Add
2FI00199-BRTBL Door pnl 70 std brt blue PAD $ 199.95/pr Quick-Add
2F00032-BROWN Floor mat set 67-92 rubr/cpt Firebird $ 59.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0150-BLUE Fold-down seat carpe blue…'67 $ 44.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0150 Fold down seat carpet 67-68 turquoise $ 34.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0150-AQUA Fold-down seat carpet aqua…'67 $ 44.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0150-BLK Fold-down seat carpet black…'67 $ 44.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0151-BLK Fold-down seat carpet blk…'68-9 $ 44.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0151-DKBL Fold-down seat carpet dk blue…'69 $ 44.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0151-DKGR Fold-down seat carpet dk green…'69 $ 44.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0150-GOLD Fold-down seat carpet gold…'67 $ 44.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0151-IVYGD Fold-down seat carpet ivy gold…'68 $ 34.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0150-LTBL Fold-down seat carpet lt blue…'67 $ 44.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0151-MEDBL Fold-down seat carpet med blue'68-9 $ 44.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0150-RED Fold-down seat carpet red…'67 $ 44.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0151-RED Fold-down seat carpet red…'68-9 $ 44.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0151-TURQ Fold-down seat carpet turq…'68 $ 44.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00014 Handle, parking brake release 67-69 $ 9.79/ea Quick-Add
2F00310 Headlamp Switch Knob 67-69 $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0311-BLK Headliner 68-69 premier pf black $ 69.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0311-BUCK Headliner 68-69 premier pf buckskin $ 54.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0311-DKGR Headliner 68-69 premier pf dk green $ 54.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0311-RED Headliner 68-69 premier pf red $ 59.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0311-SAD Headliner 68-69 premier pf saddle $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0311-SDW Headliner 68-69 premier pf sandalwd $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0311-WHT Headliner 68-69 premier pf white $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0158-BLK Headrest curved BLACK…'69 $ 199.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0158-DKBL Headrest curved DARK BLUE…'69 $ 199.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0158-DKGR Headrest curved DARK GREEN…'69 $ 199.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0158-ORANGE Headrest curved ORANGE…'69 $ 199.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0158-RED Headrest curved RED…'69 $ 199.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0158-WHT Headrest curved WHITE…'69 $ 199.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0152-BLK Headrest standard BLACK…'69 $ 199.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0152-DKBL Headrest standard DARK BLUE…'69 $ 199.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0152-DKGR Headrest standard DARK GREEN…'69 $ 199.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0152-ORANGE Headrest standard ORANGE…'69 $ 199.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0152-RED Headrest standard RED…'69 $ 199.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0152-WHT Headrest standard WHITE…'69 $ 199.95/pr Quick-Add
2F00342 Horn contacts deluxe wheel 67 $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00330 Hub, 69 FB plastic $ 42.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00473 Inner console glove box 70-81 $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00473 Inner console glove box 70-81 $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00010 Inner hdlnr side trm mldng LH 73-81 $ 15.85/ea Quick-Add
2F00011 Inner hdlnr side trm mldng RH 73-81 $ 15.85/ea Quick-Add
2FC00035-BLACK Knob, Door Lock, Black 67 $ 6.95/pr Quick-Add
2F00469 Lid console 68-9 Firebird $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2FJC0012 Molding door panel dlx…'67 $ 169.95/ea Quick-Add
2FJC0018 Molding door panel dlx lower…'68-9 $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2FJC0013 Molding door panel dlx rr side…'67 $ 42.95/pr Quick-Add
2FJC0011 Molding door panel dlx upp RH/LH'67 $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00341 Mtng ring+Horn cap 67 wood whl $ 69.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0500 Package tray insulation…'67-9 $ 9.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0501 Package tray insulation…'70-81 $ 9.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0509-BLK Package tray mesh black…'67-9 $ 31.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0512-BLK Package tray mesh black…'70-'81 $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0512-BTBL Package tray mesh bright blue…'70 $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0511-DKBL Package tray mesh dark blue…'69 $ 31.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0512-DKBL Package tray mesh dark blue…'70-'81 $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0511-DKGR Package tray mesh dark green…'69 $ 31.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0512-DKGR Package tray mesh dark green…'70-81 $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0513-DKSAD Package tray mesh dark saddle…'70-5 $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0509-GOLD Package tray mesh gold…'67 $ 31.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0509-IVYG Package tray mesh ivy gold…'68 $ 31.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0509-LTBL Package tray mesh light blue…'67 $ 31.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0510-MEDBL Package tray mesh medium blue…'68 $ 31.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0513-MEDSAD Package Tray mesh med saddle… '70-5 $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0509-RED Package tray mesh red…'67-9 $ 31.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0512-RED Package tray mesh red…'70-'81 $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0513-TAN Package tray mesh tan…'76-9 $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0509-TURQ Package tray mesh turquoise…'67-9 $ 31.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0505-DKBL Package tray std grain…'70-'81 $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0502-BLK Package tray std grain black…'67-9 $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0505-BLK Package tray std grain black…'70-81 $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0502-BTBL Package tray std grain bt blue…'67 $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0503-DKAQUA Package tray std grain dark aqua'68 $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0504-DKBL Package tray std grain dark blue'69 $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0505-DKGR Package tray std grain dark green…' $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0504-DKGR Package tray std grain dk green'69 $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0502-GOLD Package tray std grain gold…'67 $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0502-IVYG Package tray std grain ivy gold…'68 $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0502-LTBL Package tray std grain lt blue…'67 $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0505-MEDBL Package tray std grain med bl'70-81 $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0503-MEDBL Package tray std grain med blue…'68 $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0502-RED Package tray std grain red…'67-9 $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0505-RED Package tray std grain red…'70-'81 $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0505-TAN Package tray std grain tan…'70-'81 $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC00506-BTBL Package tray std gr bt blue…'70-81 $ 9.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0507-DKSAD Package tray std gr dk saddle…'70-5 $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0508-LTBL Package tray std gr lt blue…'76-81 $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0507-LTSAD Package tray std gr lt saddle…'70-5 $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0507-SANDWD Package tray std gr sandlewood70-81 $ 18.00/ea Quick-Add
2F00470 Padded steering wheel 68 $ 94.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0015-LL Panel inter lwr door trim LH 70-1 $ 89.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0015-LR Panel inter lwr door trim RH 70-1 $ 89.95/ea Quick-Add
2FI0515-PAR Rear Arm Rest/Well Covers 68 Parch $ 49.95/set Quick-Add
2FIC0532-LH Rear inner panel conv LH $ 52.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0532-RH Rear inner panel conv RH $ 52.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0516-LH Rear Inner Side Arm Rest Panel, Coupe LH $ 30.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0516-RH Rear Inner Side Arm Rest Panel, Coupe RH $ 30.00/ea Quick-Add
FIC0532-CVTLH Rear rest metal conv LH $ 9.00/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0532-CVTRH Rear rest metal conv RH $ 52.95/ea Quick-Add
2FIC0149-BLK Seat back black…'67-9 $ 69.95/pr Quick-Add
2FIC0149-WHT Seat back white…'67-9 $ 89.95/pr Quick-Add
2F20001 Seat belt buckle clips 70-2 F-bird $ 19.95/ea Quick-Add
2F3001-BLK Seat cover 85-6 bkts black/graphite $ 299.00/set Quick-Add
2F3002-BLK Seat cover 85-6 rear black/graphite $ 199.00/set Quick-Add
2F3004-BLK Seat cover 87 rear black $ 199.00/set Quick-Add
2F3005-BLK Seat cover 88 bkts black $ 299.00/set Quick-Add
2F3006-BLK Seat cover 88 rear black $ 199.00/set Quick-Add
2F3003-BLK Seat covers 87 bkts black $ 299.00/set Quick-Add
2F00140-SINGLE Seat foam, 67-68 FB single $ 89.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00140 Seat foam, 67-68 FB STD. #106 $ 174.95/pr Quick-Add
2F00139 Seat foam,68 Dlx $ 79.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00141-DLX Seat foam, dlx 69 FB $ 94.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00141-SINGLE Seat foam, st 69 FB $ 84.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00141 Seat foam, st 69 FB 2 seats #107 $ 184.95/pr Quick-Add
2F00125 Shifter black T-Handle 68 Auto $ 15.00/ea Quick-Add
2F00012 Shifter dial lens 68-9 P.G. $ 8.00/ea Quick-Add
2F00013 Shifter dial lens 68-9 Turbo FB $ 8.00/ea Quick-Add
2F00471 Shift escutcheon 70-79 A/T $ 89.95/ea Quick-Add
2F20002 Shift plate 78 A/T $ 79.95/ea Quick-Add
2F00340 Steering wheel deluxe wood 67 $ 299.95/ea Quick-Add

* While we strive to keep the prices in this web catalog current, the price quoted here is subject to change without notice.

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