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D & R Classic Automotive Firebird Catalog : Lamp and Lens  

Please choose from the following parts:
Part # Name Price*
2H00018-L Bezel headlamp 74-75 LH repro $ 139.00/ea Quick-Add
2H00018-R Bezel headlamp 74-75 RH $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2H00017 Bezel headlamp 79-81 std each $ 8.75/ea Quick-Add
2H00015 Fender marker lamp 69 $ 40.00/ea Quick-Add
2H00022 Headlamp bezel 69 LH inner $ 59.99/ea Quick-Add
2H00023 Headlamp bezel 69 LH outer $ 59.99/ea Quick-Add
2H00020 Headlamp bezel 69 RH inner $ 59.99/ea Quick-Add
2H00021 Headlamp bezel 69 RH outer $ 59.99/ea Quick-Add
2H00026 Headlamp grille insert 67-8 $ 24.95/ea Quick-Add
2H00030 Headlamp Mounting Bucket set 69 Firebird 4pc $ 114.95/set Quick-Add
2H00027 Headlight surround 69 PAIR plastic $ 150.00/pr Quick-Add
2H00006 Lens bezel 68 rear lamp FB $ 34.50/PR Quick-Add
2H00010 Lens marker lamp 68 rear FB $ 12.70/pr Quick-Add
2H00012 Marker rear kit 68 complete $ 64.95/set Quick-Add
2H00001 Park lamp bezel 69-73 FB $ 36.00/ea Quick-Add
2H00029 Park lamp housing 69-73 $ 69.95/ea Quick-Add
2H00014 Park lamp lens 67 $ 40.00/pr Quick-Add
2H00008-R Park Lamp Lens 68 LH repro $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2H00009-R Park Lamp Lens 68 RH repro $ 39.95/ea Quick-Add
2H00011 Park lamp lens 69-72 $ 25.00/ea Quick-Add
2H00028 Park lamp lens 69-73 each $ 27.50/ea Quick-Add
2H00008 Park lamp lens LH 68 $ 60.00/ea Quick-Add
2H00009 Park lamp lens RH 68 $ 60.00/ea Quick-Add
2H00005 Rear license lamp 67-69 $ 16.95/ea Quick-Add
2H00004 Rear marker lamp 69 $ 79.50/ea Quick-Add
2H00042 Taillamp Lens assy 67-68 RH or LH $ 89.95/ea Quick-Add
2H00016-L Tail light bezel 70-3 LH FB $ 69.95/ea Quick-Add
2H00016-R Tail light bezel 70-3 RH FB $ 69.95/ea Quick-Add
2H00016 Tail light bezels 70-3 Pair FB $ 139.95/pr Quick-Add

* While we strive to keep the prices in this web catalog current, the price quoted here is subject to change without notice.

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